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April (aprilc) I think that I have read about 67 books so far in 2008, so I am hoping to read MORE than 75 in 2009 (of course 100 just seems way out of reach)... I am going to have 75 be my goal because I am hoping to do some more challenging reading in 2009!! More importantly, I am going to be tracking and documenting my reading here on goodreads with the hopes of not losing what I have read the moment I put the book down or return it to the library! I have always read fast and read A LOT, but so often I can't remember the plot or the characters a month later! I love goodreads because it helps me with that problem. I almost always "review" the books that I have read (helps with retention) and I have enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the books that I am reading on various groups that I belong to! I look forward to being a part of this group, especially as 2009 gets underway!

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