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me, i'm author of the complete idiot's guide to understanding buddhism , now in a 2nd ed'n. ---and its webpage is dharma door.

my first book of poems is wayy out of print (preparing the ground: poems 1960 – 1970). ... (unsigned copies: very rare) .... .... since then:

edited what book ~ buddha poems from beat to hiphop which (after 1 american book award & about 4 printings) is more or less going out-of-print (well, you can still order a print-on-demand copy from if you can't get one from goodreads) altho' maybe the publisher might see the light one year and bring it out again

co-translated flowers of a moment: 185 brief poems... and ... ten thousand lives (introduction by robert hass) by remarkable korean poet named ko un (that link on his name will take you to a page of many free poems online, at various online magazines and suchlike; the books might be in your local library

now, after signing my name "ko un" to things i send out, i'm finishing a new book of poems under my own name: strange experience

and i also love haiku

projects-in-progress : food for another topic

meanwhile still more yet more more more free reads at my personal public home page .i.n.t.e.r.b.e.i.n.g. .... .... .... besides haiku, you'll find translations of paule di puccio's channeled poetry; translations from chinese of songs and poetry; journalism; still more yet more more more, etc.

wishing you goodreads


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Otis Chandler | 1 comments Glad to have you Gary!

- Otis (Goodreads founder)

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