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Paul Duncan Then you're really missing something at that, at the very least, is an interesting look at a man who has achieved the highest political office in the land.

Cheryl S. I liked it. I don't approve of everything the man has done, and talk about being in the ultimate power marriage--I think they made a pact in college he would get to be prez first and then turn around and support her when the time came--but he is smart and I think he has some insights people should listen to. The more I read about famous people the more I learn how flawed they are. Human nature fascinates me.

Fabiola Berry one of the more boring books I have read! managed to finish it!

Geoffrey Interesting book. Not the greatest of political memoirs. I was put off a little by the braggadacio and how he tried to tie in his political missions with personal juvenile experiences that read like a stetch, particularly his mention of a handicapped girl who used to play at his playground but who really did not mean anything to him.

Vernon Campbell I read it but it took a long time. And I like Bill Clinton. The book was long but his experiences were interesting...

Symmetry Speaking as someone with the "Democratic perspective" living in the hardline South, I find Bill Clinton's perspective on how and why these people can be so endearing and narrow minded at the same time to be fascinating. Like him or lump him, he is one of the brightest political minds out there. His biography was interesting reading.

Geoffrey Personally don`t like the man. I suppose it shows in my comment.

Robert J I liked the book. Even if you do not like Clinton you have to admit he did America interested in Politics again.

I ilke him and i did find the book long winded at times it still was a good read to me.

Geoffrey No, Americans were always interested in politics. Personally I find the man smarmy and a bit full of himself. As a President, he rose above the mediocrity of the six presidents prior and the one subsequent.

Robert J Let rephrase then He go the average american (at least in my circle of person to person interaction)interested in politics.

Geoffrey How about

He was able to instill civic awareness among the American citizenry. I will go with that Robert.

Robert J yes thanks thats great way to put it.

message 13: by Mike (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mike Casey I was amazed at his energy. Attending Geogetown while working for Fulbright. Was the campaign manager for a congressional candidate while attending Yale Law School. He was blessed with a superior intellect, and I think history will look favorably on him.

message 14: by Lois (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lois I guess being a southern girl, i wondered a lot about what made Clinton tick, and how he became so successful. He had a typical Southern upbringing and his Mother and Grandfather were the chief influences in his life. He is brillant, and gutsy. And no successful politician, and he's one of the best gets anywhere without being a good liar. He was a scandoulus womanizer, but I think he and Hillary in the long run do really love each other. I surely didn't approve of what he did with Monica Lewinsky in the White House. This shows his achiles heel, is women. But, it took a lot of guts for both of them to go on and continue their life, and he picked himself up and has done a lot of good. He certainly was a good President, and left the country in good stead despite his human failures. It was a good read, about an interesting and complicated man.

Peter Eze Putting down one's life experiences in to writing, and in this case a book to be read,is not necessarily an easy feat. More interesting to me, is that when people write,
they tend to be genuine,modest, sincere. Clinton is not an exception.

Leslie Ann Interesting read

Cruz Lorenzo tell me, is it worth to spend time on it?

Ethan G. Cruz Lorenzo wrote: "tell me, is it worth to spend time on it?"

Yes, I read it this past fall. It's a long book, but I made it through in a few weeks. He has a very interesting story.

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