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To good to be a movie or should it become a movie?
Courtney Courtney Dec 29, 2011 03:12PM
I think it could be a good movie if they made one but they might also ruin it too. So i think it'd be good just as a book. What do you think?

Meh. This book is barely good as a book.

It depends really who they cast, how much they play up the 90s references, but most importantly who writes the script. Somethings are bound to change. However, the wrong screenwriter can make this really cheesy or a talented one will know what to cut, add, and delete so that it will work as a film.

i think it would be a TERRIBLE movie. without really knowing the thoughts and things the characters are reading and the confusion of seeing things like facebook and netflix, it wouldn't really make sense. And the cast would be basically IMPOSSIBlE to get right.

I reckon this would make a great movie if it had the right people working on it.

J.J. Lair I agree
Jan 20, 2013 12:05PM

I would love to see it become a movie.

J Jan 20, 2012 09:33AM   0 votes
I love Jay Asher books, but this book is simply not good enough for a motion picture because the whole time I was reading it, I was thinking, this could be an afternoon kids special on tv. I remember those from growing up.

I really imagined this as a books, it would be really interesting :)

I feel like the right cast would make it better, and being able to hear what the characters were thinking as this was happening, but it would always be a better book than a movie.

No, this is definitely not movie material. It's an amazing book, but it wouldn't bide well for a movie.

terrible movie
great book

deleted member Feb 11, 2012 02:53PM   0 votes
The book is very good, but not movie material. If you think about it, the book talks about the events in a mere 6 days. it took me a day to read it... if something does become televised, it will only be an hour long...

I don't think they should make a movie :/

i dont think so :) it would ruin the imagination. and they might change the story :(

I don't think it would be good as a movie. It is one of my favorite books but to make it a movie they would have to change a lot of it.

Definitely too good to be a movie

deleted member Jan 02, 2012 03:27PM   0 votes
As i was reading this, I actually imagined it as a film in my head. The first bit would be annoying, plus if I was directing it I would probably make her meet one of her future husbands:L but then that would ruin the mistery of who they really were. Soo, to good to be a movie unless theres a GREAT director.

I didn't really like the book, but with some edits to the story itself, a bit more dry humor they could pull off the awkward friendship thing... a little like Juno but probably not as good. Not a HUGE fan of the movie personally but the 90s thing would be funny, and I saw the opening scene at least as a movie.

I'm fine as long as they don't cast Michael Cera as Josh and ruin it just like they ruined Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist...

J.J. Lair Yes. The casting would be important
Jan 20, 2013 12:06PM

A movie would be interseting, but I like it as is.

I dont think it would make a good movie because the good part about the boook is reading the facebook posts and reading them read about things that havent been invented yet ( like netflix and texting ). Taking away something that vital would ruin it.

Leave it as is. I hope they never turn "13 reasons why" into a movie.

NO NO NO leave the book as it is I love this book.It's one of my favorites and making movie would just ruin it.And they're going to get Selena Gomez to play Emma?Really.Oh No please just leave this book alone.PLEASE!

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