Awakened (House of Night, #8) Awakened question

When will this series ever end?
Heidi Heidi Dec 27, 2011 10:18AM
I think this series is a little too long. *Yawn*

Neferet storyline could've been finished sooner and i agree there. But I loved them, and i read them and i've gotten over the book floors but it's Zoey for me that really annoys me. Shes a slut, Breaks up with heath, he doesnt get the picture. She starts dating Erik who really isn't that bad a guy and suddenly in hunted they're saying crap about how hes selfish and just wants sex and hes horrid but before they all loved him!!!! WTH ! She imprints with an ex but Erik still stays with her even though shes got this horny connection with another bloke, if i was him, i'd have ended it there. Then she gets with a teacher, which she knew was wrong. then say NO! Sleeps with teacher, erik walks in on the two of em naked on a gym mat and she wonders why hes annoyed with her when they break up a second time. She broke his heart and then completely rejected him. I'd have trouble looking an ex in the eye if i caught them with another person! Then theres stark who seems to be the right guy for her, but heath is still involved even though their bond is broken coz she imprinted with her TEACHER! teacher dies, imprint broke and she feels lost and alone because her friends cant trust her...couple of days later BFFS!!! Zoey is so easy to dislike!!!! Heaths dead, shes down to one bloke but now they want to bring Heath back WHY!!!!!!!

Heather You guys said it all. I feel like they make it seem like its ok to be a slut and have no remorse for your actions. No! That's not how it should be. Yo ...more
Aug 31, 2012 05:20PM
Kerry Completely right, of course we'd all love to have that many men after us but we all know that having 3 boy friends at once is wrong. So why do high pr ...more
Sep 01, 2012 03:10PM


The characters are a lot of fun, and I enjoy them although they haven't matured the way I expected them to. That combined with the entire story arc dragging on and on makes it a frustrating read. I feel like I'm watching a trainwreck..I can't. Look. Away.

I'm invested at this point simply because I want to know how it all ends, like many of you. But as an aside I do think the entire tale can be condensed into a higher quality series by editing it down to 5 or 6 books, tops.

I am pretty sure that the series is going to end on book 12. That means we still have 3 to go.

To answer another question: the characters don't grow and mature because each book only covers about a months worth of time.

I like this series and I am hooked on to finding out what happens next. Just because a book doesn't end when you think it should or How you think it should end doesn't make it a bad series. Sorry just because everyone thinks Zoey should have been with Eric and she isn't make the series worthless to read an I think its great she hasn't killed off Neferet yet and probably won't until the end. Makes it more interesting into whats going to happen to Heath and the Red Fledglings. Plus there is Klona who in the last book is the new swords man. Kinda wonder if he is really turned good or just playing again with Zoey. But just because a book doesn't go the way the reader wants it doesn't make it boring I understand everyone has there opinion.

Rosezetta (last edited Dec 27, 2011 10:39AM ) Dec 27, 2011 10:37AM   0 votes
Heidi, I think if they would have dealt with Neferet a long time ago, maybe 3 books back, it wouldn't be so bad now. I haven't even read the last book that came out, because Awakened was so awful. I will eventually get around to reading it, and will probably buy it, but only because I already have the other books, and I do not want a broken set of books.
If Zoey is as bad-ass as she is suppose to be, then it is time to bring some new villains into town, enough of Neferet. I really hope she is killed off in Destined, cause if she isn't, I probably will be finished with this series.

I love these books. My opinion is that she does an amazing job reflecting life. Life isn't always about big major events, and yada yada yada. She shows that sometimes things do get out of hand and that things are a little slow in life, as it is with these characters.

I agree. I was hooked on this series at the beginning... but each passing book lost its spark for me. I think the worlds the authors have created are a bi too complicated and without boundaries... I'm always left reading the book saying - uh, wah? In any case, I may read the newest book, and if it ends soon, read until the end, but for now I am completely uninterested.

I know what you mean. I like the series but each and every book seems to drag and nothing really happens. I refuse to read the books until they all come out.

I agree. I don't even think I'll get Destined, even if it means having an incomplete series sitting on my bookshelf. :\

B-O-R-I-N-G !!! :)

They keep making money, it may never end

I just hope they end it on the next one. It's so tiring to read and read and read, then forgetting what happens because the next book isn't out yet. -_____- It feels like they're just putting random stuff to get Neferet off the hook. She should've been staked on the heart by the 5th or 6th book. I don't need that Aurox character anymore.

I like the series, but I agree, 12 books is too much for this plot. If they killed off Neferet, and brought in new villains, I would enjoy the book more. Neferet is just annoying me now. I am probably going to read the book that just came out recently next.
All-in-all, this series is just TO LONG.

I really enjoyed the beginning....hated the middle...but the last book got a little better again. It really needs to end soon, though. Few books have the stamina to make it this far....the only long series I have enjoyed from beginning to end (with only a little boredom in the middle) are The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #1) by Lemony Snicket and A Living Nightmare (Cirque Du Freak, #1) by Darren Shan.

you all suck!!! ya I'm all with you when it comes to a new baddie but really?? it made you all just stop reading them all together??!! omg you people are nuts!!! i love these books from the beginning to end and i cant wait till the 10 book comes out (hidden!!!) and i never want the books to end!!!! and i hope she stays with Stark!! like come on??!! i am really tired of the more than 2 or 3 guys!! ya, i really like Heath i think she should be with Stark AND Heath (remember she can have a mate and a consort all at the same time!!!???? have you all forgotin that already!!??? god you people are "crazzyy"!!! lol ;D)

Usually when a series starts, I'm always for the first guy she truly falls in love with. I liked Erik, Heath was just annoying, then she's an idiot with Loren. Then Stark shows up. I liked Stark the best out of all of them. And seriously, if they make her end up with Aurox/Heath, I've seriously wasted money on the series I really liked. They stretched the plot out too long.

I never want this series to end!!!!!

Ummm I was lowkey annoyed by book 4 lol. Zoey has fallen off. Too many boys and not enough taking care of the real problems. BUT I still enjoy reading the series for the most part and I am eager to read 10 but I do agree that Neferet should have been done away with by now. Chop her head off real quick and say she ran away hahaha problem solved

Hopefully never! Yeah the books keep getting worse, but there still better than the majority of young adult fantasy novels.

Kira (last edited Jan 02, 2012 05:26PM ) Jan 02, 2012 05:22PM   0 votes
Personally this series is SOOOO ANNOYING ME now. I liked it in the first few, but then it just dragged on. Thes are just so many books and the plot isn't even exciting anymore. I haven't evenbothered to read destined yet, and i don't care. Anyone with me?

I read all the books up to Awakened, got through maybe half of it and then decided I'd had enough. The books were not interesting enough to hold my attention and the gaps in between them were too long.

Glad to see I'm not the only one going crazy reading this seemingly NEVER ENDING series. I loved the books at the beggining, and I don't mind long reads (hell, I recently got through lord of the rinds), but a lot of it's so pointless. The story did not need to be told across 10 books (which in themselves are quite short). Couldn't they have combined books, to have like five or six, instead of ten?

The first couple of books were pretty good. I got Destined for Christmas and still didn't read it... I thought Awakened was BAD. Very very BAD. I started losing interest in this serie at book 5 or 6... Or I can't even tell anymore. They haven't made an impression on me as much as I would have liked. And it's like these kids don't grow up. So frustrating.

In a way they are bring in a new villain with the white bull. I do feel though that it is basically getting ready for a big final battle, which I will be glad to read. I feel that its hard to keep up with all the characters and their perspectives if she sticks to 300ish page books. I'm just ready for it to finally know the end of the story.

I really liked the first few books in the series, but now it just needs to end. It seems like they are trying to come up with random things for the plot but there not good random things. Its time to move on now.

When the series first came out, ya i was hooked. The characters were fun, the setting seemed to pull me in. But by the fourth book...i was bored,left wondering if the characters will ever mature or even get rid of Neferet and bring in a new baddie.Sadly, it never happened and the "plot" just seemed to drag on and on without any real ending in sight, it was painful to see a author try so hard to keep up a good thing; only to drive it into the ground by doing so. After Tempted; i stopped reading the series all together.

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