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message 1: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
What book genres to you seem to read the most? I know I read almost anything, but I do find that I gravitate to the fantasy/sci-fi range more often than not. I don't know if it is a need to escape the world I am in, or to imagine what life would be like elsewhere. I love a well written mystery and that means that it is hard for me to figure out before I get to the end. I prefer auto biography's to biography's only because I prefer to hear about someone's life from the person who lived it. I do read non-fiction from time to time, but for the most part, I guess I drift to fiction. What about all of you, members and potential members, what genres to you read the most and why?

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul (merman1967) | 113 comments I am the same in liking many genres. However, for me nothing tops a great sci-fi/fantasy read or a terrific horror book. A good mystery is fun, too, particularly when I can find a good gay mystery. I love to read GOOD books where the main characters are gay. It gives me a sense of empowerment lol.

message 3: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
Empowerment. That is a good point. Do we as readers seek out characters and genres that speak to us, empower us? Do characters have to make you feel good or do you prefer to feel sorry for someone? Do you seek out characters that speak for you, speak the way you wish you could? I know that I gravitate to strong female characters that do not need the proverbial Prince to save them. I like stories with women in places of power who are not painted as convining bitches jonesing on power, not to say I don't enjoy a good villaness, 'cause I do.

I despise characters of any gender who moon over someone they can't have, scheme to get them, but experience no personal growth in the process. A good character should to me become an old friend by the end of the book. You should want to return to them time and time again.

If you can find no sympathy for a character, does it make it harder to read the book than someone you can identify with?

message 4: by A. (new)

A. | 59 comments I, too, like a wide variety in my books although I also tend to stick to Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I like historical fiction as well as mystery and intrigue, especially, as Kim pointed out, if I cannot figure out "whodunit" until the last pages. Romance is ok as long as it is well written and not some formulaic cookie cutter story.
I like characters who go against the grain of the norm...who go and have adventures because yheir heart pulls them in that direction and not as society dictates. (This comment is for all those who have ever hear the words 'girls can't do that'.)
I find it difficult to read a book where the author does not grab my attention in the first 50 pages or so...I need to feel that "what will happen next" feeling. I do need to establish some sort of rapport with the character, else I won't continue to read. It becomes a "who cares" situation.

message 5: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
I too feel the same way about the first 50 pages. I have slogged through some very mediocre books hoping that they will get better, only to find that they disapointingly did not.

message 6: by A. (new)

A. | 59 comments What's worse is when you stay up all night reading a book in the hope that it will get good and you get to the last page and it hasn't.
It is then that I cry!

message 7: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
That too.

message 8: by Megan (new)

Megan | 1 comments i like to read scarry vampire fantasy books! vamps are so hot!:)

message 9: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
I like to read books that scare me as well. I prefer to read a horror book than watch a horror movie so I can control how violent it is.

message 10: by Heather (new)

Heather Thomas (5peasinapod) | 20 comments I am into horror, sci-fi, and non-fiction for photography and photoshop, books regarding psychology and clinical applications too (I am a counselor)

message 11: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
I read a lot of psychology books when I was younger (and I mean like at age 12/13)and these were college level text books and clinical texts. I also like books that use your own psyche against you while you read and make you question your views.

message 12: by Paul (new)

Paul (merman1967) | 113 comments I also enjoy books with a twist. Formulaic books are too boring. I love to try and figure out where the author is going, but I hate getting 60 or 70 pages into a book and figure out who did it and there are 300 more pages to go!

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