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In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower (In Search of Lost Time, #2)
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The original French title for Proust’s second volume of À la recherche du temps perdu is À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs.

The CK Scott Moncrieff translation title is Within a Budding Grove.

The James Grieve translation title is In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower.

This second volume of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time is split into two sections: At Mme Swann’s and Place-Names: The Place

For the schedule, our discussion leader Andreea split up the book into reasonable size bites. These bites are not labeled as you see below. The labels are simply to help identify where we are with each week’s discussion.

The page numbers marked “Penguin” are for the Penguin Classics version translated by James Grieve.

The page numbers marked “Vintage” are for the Vintage Classics version translated By CK Scott Moncrieff (with various revisions). There are numerous editions of the Moncrieff translation, so to help you locate the correct pages, Andreea has listed the opening lines for each of the bites. (Big thanks for that Andreea!) Take a close look at your particular version of Moncrieff and you should be able to find the sections and approximate page numbers listed below.

Week One – Jan. 16, 2012
Part 1: At Mme. Swann’s
1. The Marquis de Norpois:
In Penguin (James Grieve translation): pages 1-60
Vintage Classics (Moncrieff translation): 1-67

Week Two – Jan. 23
2. The Narrator's relationship with the Swanns I
Penguin: 60-125
Vintage: 67-142
First paragraph in Moncrieff translation: "When New Year's Day came, I first of all paid a round of family visits with Mamma who..."

Week Three – Jan. 30
3. Bergotte
Penguin: 125-151
Vintage: 142-173
First paragraph: "Meanwhile we had taken our places at the table. By the side of my plate I found a carnation..."

Week Four – Feb. 6
4. The Narrator's relationship with the Swanns II
Penguin: 151-217
First paragraph: "Leaving my parents, I went upstairs to change my clothes and on emptying my pockets came suddenly upon the envelope..."

Week Five – Feb. 13
Part 2: Place-Names: The Place
5. Balbec
Penguin: 219-308
Vintage: 253-356

Week Six – Feb. 20
6. The Baron de Charlus, Robert de Saint-Loup and the Bloch Family
Penguin: 308-368
Vintage: 356-425
First paragraph: "One afternoon of scorching heat I was in the dining-room of the hotel, which they had plunged in semi-darkness..."

Week Seven – Feb. 27
[NOTE: These two bites are grouped together because of the short number of pages]
7. The little gang of girls (sometimes this whole section is called ‘Seascape, with Freize of Girls’) (369-405)
Penguin: 368-405
Vintage: 425-467
First paragraph: "That day, as for some days past, Saint-Loup had been obliged to go to Doncières..."

8. Elsir
Penguin: 405-425
Vintage: 467-492
First paragraph: "Presently Saint-Loup's visit drew to an end. I had not seen that party of girls again on the beach."

Weeks Eight and Nine – Mar. 5 thru Mar. 18
[NOTE: We scheduled two weeks for this section because of its length.]
9. Albertine
Penguin: 425-531
Vintage: 492-620
First paragraph: "My hesitation between the different girls of the little band, all of whom retained something of the collective charm which had at first disturbed me..."

Week Ten – Mar. 19 – Mar. 25
Final Discussion of the novel as a whole

IMPORTANT: These discussion threads will remain open indefinitely. If you find yourself behind in the reading or if you have joined the group after the dates listed above, go ahead and read at your own pace and discuss when you want. The moderator and other members will gladly join in!

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