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message 1: by Rona (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:28PM) (new)

Rona Fernandez (ronagirl9) | 104 comments I loved the book and can't wait to hear more about what other people thought. Please post any first impressions.

message 2: by Ching-In (new)

Ching-In | 5 comments Hi Rona!

Sorry for the supersuper delayed response from me! I overestimated how intense the last few months was going to be, but I did finish the book recently if you still want to discuss!

I loved the main narrative! Am wondering what people thought about the other bits?

message 3: by Rona (new)

Rona Fernandez (ronagirl9) | 104 comments Thanks Ching-in. I did like the main narrative the best as well; I was a little confused by the kola nut intros to the chapters, although I've read that Abani wrote those as the white, western anthropological counterpoint to the postmodern reality of Elvis and his crew. I did enjoy the recipes, as Elvis' connection to his mother, which seemed based on both fantasy as well as a very real emotional bond.

message 4: by Sokari (new)

Sokari (blacklooks) | 8 comments This is an amazing book. I grew up in Lagos and continue to visit regularly but I only ever see the surface of the underbelly of Elvis's world. Other than possibly Mexico City, Lagos is the most colourful, most vibrant, noisy, alive city I have visited [have traveled a great deal] and Abani brings the city alive with its hustle, cruelty and pathos. Elvis and his life are real. Five Star Book

message 5: by Wilhelmina (new)

Wilhelmina Jenkins | 2049 comments You may want to take a look at our discussion of Graceland from July, 2009, Sokari.

All of the discussions we have had in the past are still available in the "Discussions" folder. I agree - an amazing book!

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