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message 1: by Praetorian (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:28PM) (new)

Praetorian Padma | 1 comments The author makes a claim against Orwell, but I think Orwell would have been on his side. Interestingt. Curious to hear posts.

By the way, which of these Orwell groups is going to be, "the one"? I guess we'll see where there are more posts.

Love to all.

message 2: by Fahrul (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:34PM) (new)

Fahrul Amama | 4 comments Mod
Agree. I think he's right. I don't think that Orwell would like it either, if animal farm been used for cold war agenda's benefits. Actually, Orwell wasn't a very good politician either. Similar with Einstein, very successful in physics but not too good at politics, especially his activities with Zionism.
This group didn't mean to be "the one". Just small effort to unite george orwell's readers, since there's no group for it at that time. Thanx for join in.

message 3: by Krishan (new)

Krishan | 1 comments Its true that Animal Farm and 1984 have been used in US and UK classrooms for years as part of the official view of the Cold War, and I guess thats a disgrace.
Reed is wrong, though, if he thinks that Orwell would have sided with backwards religious nutcase Bin Ladenists.

message 4: by Laikhuram (last edited Sep 07, 2009 08:24AM) (new)

Laikhuram | 1 comments Krishan wrote: "Its true that Animal Farm and 1984 have been used in US and UK classrooms for years as part of the official view of the Cold War, and I guess thats a disgrace.
Reed is wrong, though, if he thinks t..."

I think the US and the UK and all other governments of the world, including India, will have to ban Animal Farm and 1984 if they are to continue with their arrogance, intolerance, murders, and let-me-have-it-all attitudes. People who've read these two books are today living in extreme frustration. With each passing moment their conscience are insulted and roughed. And many were right! Orwell didn't write those books just against the Russian tyranny. He wrote it for any societal control that restricts civil-liberties and rights of man. Today it's the multinational corporations and despotic "democratic" governments who are manipulating the masses, including our children and students.

Things cannot continue the way they are. Things MUST NOT continue the way they are. As Thomas Paine puts it: "The present time is the right time for establishing it." Therefore those of us who are enlightened and conscious MUST answer to the call and establish the force against these tyrannies- our governments and corporations.

message 5: by Fahrul (new)

Fahrul Amama | 4 comments Mod
I think it would be more interesting if we start to discuss about 1984, related to the fact that we have thousands of CCTV in London nowadays, and what Banksy (a graffity artist from Bristol) sees this and responds in term of society resistance.

message 6: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 05, 2014 07:54AM) (new)

Hi Fahrul,

Although I am alarmed by the numbers of CCTV's on the streets of London, I think we are still some way to reaching the world of 1984 as envisaged by Orwell. As he saw it, after 1945, governments can either continue in their present development of consolidating power towards a Fascist State, or devolve power downwards and attempt to create a Socialist federation of smaller states.

However, the flaw in this idea is that all governments naturally get drawn towards centralisation of power, in both Fascist and Socialist systems, so the trick is to find a way of making the Socialist State a benevolent one rather than an oppressive one.

Orwell never really successfully answered this, and therefore, if he were alive today, would be hard pressed to find an answer to the problem of greater CCTV surveillance and indeed, the greater power internet and computers have given governments over the affairs of their citizens.

In writing '1984' Orwell was saying This Will Happen If You Let It, and that the answer was probably for the working classes to educate themselves in the ways of the world, break down the class system and organise resistance to the lies of the media, big business and governments.

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