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Did you like the ending of Lady Knight?

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Heidi I didn't because the war wasn't really over yet, we didn't get to hear about the two weddings, and Kel stayed a spinster!! I wanted her to end up with Dom!!

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Julie Yes and no. Much satisfactorily resolved, too much left open, which is okay as long as there's a sequel somewhere in the future...

Isabell When I first read the Protector of the Small quartet it wasn't among my favorite Tamora Pierce books, but it has since grown on me. Kel is just such a strong character in her own way and I even think she is stronger than Alanna (she certainly had to go through worse times during her education).

That said the ending of Lady Knight is different from her other Tortallan series' (lose ends concerning the war and Kel's love life). I don't mind either of those. The war, while important for Tortall and Kel's time as a knight, the war didn't really seem like the most important thing for her in Lady Knight. Actually it was Blayce and the killing devices and that was resolved in the end. Her refugee camp was also up and running well. To draw things out longer would probably just have been tedious.

On the matter of Kel's love life, I think it just didn't fit for the book. She was commanding a refugee camp in war and had other worries than finding herself a husband. It's not like with Alanna, for whom things had settled down when George proposed. So I'm actually quite glad that Kel hadn't a lover at the end. And she might still end up with someone during the books Pierce is wanting to write about Kel's squire.

To sum it up: Yes, I quite liked that Lady Knight ended where it ended.

Denicemarcell Yes, her task set by the Chamber is resolved; her people and more are back with her and respect her; she and Dom appear to balancing their respective dreams and goals. Buri and Yuki wanted to give up their positions to be wives, Kel did not have that desire.

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... I think she and Cleon should have stayed together.

rebelrebs I can't quite remember but in the books about Alanna's daughter do they not mention that Kel is with someone? as in married? It's been too long since I read them.

I can't wait for more books that take place in Tortall

Julie Kel has a sword fight with Alanna, and we hear more about what she's been up to, but she is not married.

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No, I didn't really like the ending...there are some un answered questions...I wish she would write another book to answer those questions.

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Caitlin Isabell, you took the words right out of my mouth!

Yes, of course I hate unanswered questions, but the possibilities of sequels always surpasses my frustration of loose ends. I do wonder if Kel will ever marry; I feel that if she does, she should get another book of her own, maybe a single novel or a duology. The purpose of her own book instead of just a passing remark/chapter on Kel's marriage: to get to know her future husband better. Should Kel decide to only have flings or less permanent relationships, I feel those can be mentioned in passing. I know Pierce has plans or ideas to write about Neal & Yuki's daughter going for her shield, so I think we'll see more of Kel! :) Kel is such an interesting character, she has a lot left to do. I love seeing little snippets of Alanna, they're just right for my favorite Lady Knight; the snippets make sure she's still an integral part of the Tortall mythos, but makes sure she does not overpower the newer characters.

Victoria I agree, I hope we get some mention of Kel in books to come, she was probably my favorite girl character. Although it is hard to choose one, but i liked how different she was from Alanna.

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Alice I really liked the ending for Protector of the Small-- I feel it was closure for Kel's journey to become a knight, but I do feel it was left open for other things. I can see Tamora Pierce leaving it there; I can also see her adding more to Kel's life later on. I would be interested in her doing a two-book series (since she's been doing those now) of what Kel does later in life. I think that would be interesting. I would very much love to see her get together with Dom, too! I don't know if Tamora Pierce ever plans on doing more with Kel-- it would be nice, but I can understand if she doesn't.

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What happened with Cleo? I dont recall him being mentioned in the last book.

Denicemarcell Carina wrote: "What happened with Cleo? I dont recall him being mentioned in the last book."
Cleon had to go home and marry the woman he was engaged to--she is an heiress and his family's land flooded out in harvest time. Pretty sure this happened in Lady Knight.

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oh ok, thanks XD

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Marvelous Morgan I didnt like the ending, too much was left unanswered for me. I wanted a disney ending, I guess. I got to the end and was just disappointed; I really wanted Kell to become the new training master. I mean thats what she wanted to do teach kids how to kill people, I mean defend themselfs against bullies. And I also wanted to see her with someone cough* cough* Dom cough*.
I wanted to see more on Tobe, too (rymed :} ) I feel like he could lead an intresting life, with his horse talking powers of awesome. I feel like the young grasshopper could go far and we didnt get to see that much of him at the end. So I guss I was disapointed with the book and hoping for a sequel only to find out...there's not one. grrr

Carina I thought the ending was perfect, she had got her people back, she was pretty much respected and her future was full of possibilites.

I always felt that she got together with Dom at somepoint but I felt her individual tale was complete.

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Vicki I really liked the fact that Kel had a life and a story that didn't involve her needing a husband/partner. The fantasy ending of "and then girl falls in love with boy and they get married and live happily ever after" doesn't have to be the ending of every book just as it doesn't happen in every life.

It would be great to hear more of her adventures, but I feel that way about every brilliant character :)

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Sami I came on here to comment on that too - I like that she was strong enough without having to end up 'with someone' in order for the story to end. For some reason most books with female leads have to have them end up with somebody, as though they are incomplete without a partner.

I did however, dislike the fact that the war wasn't properly over - we only got to see a battle or so! I suppose it was realistic in that not all knights see all battles - and Kel did manage to end the production of the killing devices so we do know the war is most likely to end in the Tortallans' favour, but again I would have liked to read about it ending properly!

This is still my favourite series :)

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