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The 'TWIST'... did you like it?

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Clare D' Lune I didn't like this book. In the beginning, she was saying how 'shy' she was, but then she immediately starts thinking wildly about the possibilities between her and Luke. He rams into her and scares the crap outta her, and she says "Shut up"?! and she starts loving him like RIGHT away??! And then she acts as if she doesn't have a clue why all the students are all creeps at Evernight, and then POW! She bites her boyfriend, and BANG the cat is outta the bag! She DID know all along, and not only that, but she IS one?!! The twist really bugged me. I know the author was trying to instigate excitement and surprise in her readers, but I thought it was unprofessional and silly. And if you knew your girlfriend was a vampire, along with most of the school you went to, would you come hopping back? I wouldn't... And I thought all the little misunderstandings between Lucas and Bianca were silly and childish.

Clare D' Lune Also, I thought Lucas was too possesive of her, and she was all weird with the protector thing...

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Jane The twist sucked. I stop reading it after that. It's just not worth it to continue reading a book that's so disappointing.

Janaye I'm a total original (meaning I loved everything fantasy and Vampire etc. before it became the "in" thing) Vampire lover and this book really ticked me off. I just did not like it that much.

Bianca bugged the hell out of me, she was just so annoying! As for the twist? Well it was ((^^^@(*.

My eight year old cousin could write better.

Cata Chacón S. I liked the book "generally"... The twist was so awkward, why do you keep saying it is so strange all you see... BUT YOU ACTUALLY ARE PART OF THAT. Besides, I read, the other books... And Bianca turns into a GHOST! I was like WTF?? That made no sense.
And though, I found her love for Lucas a bit (just a bit) cute, all I kept thinking was "Hey, you look obsessed and sick"
PLeasee.. It had so muc TWISTS that it turned disgusting to read.

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I loved this book. It is what basically got me started into really enjoying reading. I found the "twist" to be really weird. I mean, at first I thought that Bianca was just a normal girl going to a normal boarding school. I thought that Lucas was the one that was the vampire. So yeah, basically I never really thought that it would be the other way around. I love Claudia Gray's writing, and I love this series, but when Bianca turned into a wraith it kinda went downhill for me there.

Waverley The twist you can't even call it that 'cause she said that when she was young her parents fed her blood in a bottle(seriously) and plus she even said so herself that she was a vampire and then once she bites lucas it's like OMG i'm actually a vampire i never knew even with my parents practically yelling that i was a vampire in my face i still never understood-so i really did not like this book one bit:(

Laura Okay...here's my rant.
Thi book was absoloutely horrible. I don't think I am offending anyone on this discussion because plainly to see, there are only about 1+ people who "liked" (Generally) this book.
The TWIST! Oh my Gawd.....NO!
I don't even think you can count this as a twist if she knew all along about it. Just the whole keeping something that big from the reader was a mistake, as was publishing this book. I can't even begin to tell you how much I completely loathed this book.
I also loved how stupid she was when she was at the school and was wondering. "Who the hell are these people? What are they doing?" While the entire time she KNEW she was a vampire, and she KNEW that the others were too. Just how the imformation was held back, disritributed, and then taken in was like throwing together a crappy fanfiction story with a CSI episode, making them mate and then making them give birth to the book "Evernight".

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Oh my gosh, I realized that I'm the only one that actually really LOVED this book in this discussion.

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The twist was definitely unexpected and that's what i love about this series. I honestly thought that Bianca wasn't the vampire in the story.

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Laura No offense but I don't know how you can love this series -.-

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Dia The twist totally pissed me off. When I read it, I thought that maybe Lucas was the vampire, and he was trying to protect Bianca from the other ones because they were unstable or whatever. Then I found out that Biana was the vamp, and I was like wow, this makes no since. But eventually I got passed that and actually started to really enjoy the series.

Alicia I absolutely hated this book mostly after the “Twist”. I actually had to go back and double check if I missed the signs that’s said ‘Vampire Girl’. I felt like we were lied to the entire time from the main character she knew all along what she was and then when she bit Lucas she was shocked by it, even though supposedly she was told by her parents this could happen. It was really had for me to continue reading after this point I did eventually. I didn’t find any redemption.

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