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This topic is for discussing "A Voyage to Lilliput".

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theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
First off, Swift has some extremely convoluted sentences. I think he would have benefited from the Hemingway style of writing.

In the fake publisher's letter he says that he omitted most of the boring stuff but I think he had the whole thing backwards. Many parts, especially the job allocation description, were desperately boring.

Swift skips over the voyage and the shipwreck which I think would have been interesting and a good way to get to know Gulliver. He also edits quite a bit of what happens in Part I.

I also think this would have been more exciting if Swift had written the whole thing in present tense. It would have had more immediacy.

The Lilliputians were pretty smart about drugging him with the drink but everything about his time with them happened too quickly. I wanted to know more about the place he lived in. Swift called it a temple "polluted by an unnatural murder". It was also funny to read that the Emperor was past his prime at 28!

Some things I did find frustrating about the Lilliputians though was that they didn't seem to know about glass, clocks or paper. They seem confused when going through Gulliver's effects although they clearly use paper as Gulliver was brought up on charges. Was Swift just trying to show how alien Gulliver was to them?

I loved that special candidates had to essentially limbo for a promotion in office as well as the Great Egg Conflict and the fact that they bury people upside down.

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Cat Fletcher (auramorganna) I couldn't agree more.

There seems to be too much description on things that are basic (like the contents of his belongings) and not enough on things that might have made it more interesting, like the people, their culture, the town. For example: he only touched base on how they give their kids to the state to be raised and are only permitted 2 visits a year . I feel elaboration on things like this would have made it an easier read, if not better.

I did find it interesting to see the back handed politics that were present in the Lilliputians and the show "corruption” towards the end, but was disappointed in it as I felt Swift led us to believe the people were not like those of his country. I had hoped for such drastic differences in their build to continue on into their character (which it seemed to do in the beginning).

I had a hard time getting through Part I and had to go back and reread bits of it because I dozed off or just went blank on what I was reading.

I have to second the thought that it might have been better if written present tense and without the fake editor notes.

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