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This topic is for discussing "A Voyage to Brobdingnag".

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theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
Alright hands up who thinks CS Lewis "borrowed" this idea for "The Silver Chair".

Finally here we get some description of action, albeit really gross, ie Gulliver killing the rat. Also, the fly stingers. I didn't know flies had stingers but, ew.

It's interesting to see how he's treated as something between a pet, a plaything and a child. As well how the "Brobbies" are completely fenced in by mountains and rocky shores.

I liked how he thought their society was somehow defective because they don't have wars with other countries and the fact that the king is horrified by his description of gunpowder and its effect. Silly warmongering British.

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Cat Fletcher (auramorganna) I am much more impressed with part two. Swift is much more engaging in his writing and I was able to connect with the characters and "see" them play the parts in my head.

I enjoyed the fact of his description on how he is treated and the demonstration of the size difference by using the wasps and rats, as well as use of the Queens hair to make a chair.

The details of making them "human" by the use of himself in the farmers "get rich scheme" (like we do with show dogs etc..), the capabilities of making the miniature items for his use and the discussions with the King really were intriguing as well.

My favorite part however is his response when he arrives home and the habit of looking up remaining and finding everyone to be "little" really sold the story because it brought the realistic feature of his mannerisms (to me at least).

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