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This is for discussing "A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnhms".

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My logical mind would simply not accept that horses could build houses, milk cows and fix meals. Did they get the Yahoos to plow and plant their fields? If so, I assume the Yahoos must be able to understand their horsey language.

And how gross is Gulliver? He makes clothes from the hides of Yahoos as well as a boat. Does he kill them or just scavenge dead bodies?

"Imaginary diseases that only women have". My mind went immediately to women being diagnosed with hysteria way back when but I don't know of an equivalent in Swift's time so I have no idea how condescending he's being.

Also, what was with the comment about certain horse coat colours resulting in more or less intelligent horses?

Overall I did not enjoy Gulliver. It had its moments but was too chock full of boring description. The satire was lost on me and I suspect that's because I'm so far removed from when Swift wrote this. Some truths are universal, such as a distrust of lawyers and politicians but many of Swift's comments went over my head. It didn't make for a good story as I didn't feel there was enough meat in the story to keep it interesting. Instead I think this would have worked better as a lecture series or a sock puppet play. I would love to see this as a play with puppets!

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