The Death Cure (The Maze Runner, #3) The Death Cure discussion

Where did they go?

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Grace I think I read somewhere that the sun flares destroyed most of the earth - mostly between the two Tropics (Capricorn and Cancer) and maybe up through 60 degrees north and south latitudes. This does leave some earth left and perhaps there were pockets of areas that were more sheltered. And the nature is known for recovering.

Baylee Rae Mann Well im guessing there will be a forth book staged after this one called "Living With Post Tramatic Stress Disorder". talk about crazy. amazing for the reader and nuts for the characters. wherever they went chances are they will turn out crazy even though immune.

Ruka There's another book? O.o

Baylee Rae Mann well not exactly, i was just joking. :) but there will be a prequel to the maze runner series. called The Kill Order

Ruka Ah, okay! Ha, i realized that now XD
Hopefully it'll explain lots!

Oksana the Bookaholic when is it coming out?

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