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Fashion(what they usually wear):


Favorite Weapon:





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Name: Terrer Hedden(When in front of someone he does not know or trust he goes by Noah))

Age: 3,647 years-old

Gender: Male

Family: His father is still alive and his mother was killed. His father was a demon while his mother was human. He has one sister named Star and a brother named Tigeresta.

Personality: Jokes around a lot, takes only the most serious moments seriously, usually found on his laptop.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=anime+...

Fashion(what they usually wear): http://www.google.com/imgres?q=anime+...

Power: He is half human and half demon. His demon form is of a wolf. He can control fire. He has been to many places so he knows a lot more than just fire. At the moment he is in the Commons to learn how to be a wizard.

Favorite Weapon: A sword.

Keepsake: A white fox.

Crush/BF,GF: He use to have a crush on Caroline, because Wolf hooked the two up.

History: ((There is a funny story for him, but I am just going to make it serious.)) His mother was killed in a murder. At age 1,258, he ran away from home. Traveling place to place to learn more about fighting.

Other: Will put some if I think of any.

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Name: Al

Age: Died at age 5.

Gender: Male.

Family: He and all of his family is dead expect for his brother Edward.

Personality: Fun, silly, active, always wanted to play, and pouted when mad.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=little... (Ish)

Fashion(what they usually wear): The royal family clothing.

Power: Never discovered or found it.

Favorite Weapon: Never really fought.

Keepsake: Was a teddy bear.

Crush/BF,GF: Too young to even know what it felt like.

History: His eldest brother killed him when Drake 'controlled him'. He died from a sword in his chest and the last thing he saw was his brother Edward.


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Witchy | 128 comments Greece wrote: "Name: Terrer Hedden(When in front of someone he does not know or trust he goes by Noah))

Age: 3,647 years-old

Gender: Male

Family: His father is still alive and his mother was killed. His father..."

Terrer? LUKE!

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XD Ya I kinda had to use him. Hi it will link me and Luke's stories with this XD....Maybe.

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Why do you say hi instead of hey

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I guess it's just a habit.

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Name: Drake (The Dark Dragon/Dark Guardian/Orochi)

Age: Before mankind had begun

Gender: Male

Family: Amaterasu (The white wolf.) and Eiji (The twilight hawk.)

Personality: Sneaky, only nice when he is trying to get something from you, basically everything opposite of good.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=orochi... http://www.google.com/imgres?q=orochi... The second one is him in color, expect the one that has the sun on his head had been chopped off. Plus in the place of the building is a four-legged dragon's body.

Fashion(what they usually wear): Well....he's a dragon so wearing clothes would be awkward.

Power: Dark mist that if touched it feels like fire, water, wind, electricity. He can summon poison, earth, and darkness. He used to use light, but Amaterasu chopped that head off.

Favorite Weapon: Humans.

Keepsake: Nothing.

Crush/BF,GF: None.

History: He, his brother, and sister were created right after the earth was ready for living things. They were all born in Nightside. Him and Amaterasu never got along and he would usually use humans to cause chaos or to fight Amaterasu. Amaterasu could never attack a human, it would go against all she believed in. Drake was the cause of the fall of Nightside.

Other: Him and Amaterasu hate each other. He tries to make Eiji aid him when fighting. The only way of cutting off one of his heads is by getting him drunk by Holy Sake.
((I am basing the dragon and the white wolf off of a Japanese myth.))

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Name: Wolf

Age: 5,285 years-old

Gender: Male.

Family: His father left him when he was younger and his mother pushed him past his limits.

Personality: Fun, not the brightest, jokes a lot, has his smart moment (Sometimes.), and can be a perv.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=anime+...

Fashion(what they usually wear): What's in the picture or casual.

Power: He is a silver fox demon and like all silver foxes he can control plants.

Favorite Weapon: Guns or vines.

Keepsake: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=a+blue...

Crush/BF,GF: None.

History: As soon as his father knew about Wolf he 'disappeared'. Mother pushed Wolf to past his limits. Both of his parents were human, so when the mother found out he was a demon she dumped him in the snow. He was left for dead. Luckily Kazuma found him crying and adopted him. He was raised by Kazuma and Kurono. He became a member of an organization his guardians were in. He was sent on a mission to make sure Terrer stays safe.

Other: Him and Terrer are best friends. The only reason he is a perv is because of Kazuma.

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Name: Edward
Age: 15
Gender: Male.
Family: He has 6 brother, mom, and a dad that had died in a invasion at his home town.
Personality: Pissy, hates help, He seems mean at first, he CAN be a gentleman.
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=blond+...
Fashion(what they usually wear): Usually anything green.
Power: Can control Anything that is a plant and ice.
Favorite Weapon: Plants, ice, a sword.
Keepsake: A pitch black sword that is wrapped in white cloth for a reason.
Crush/BF,GF: Has none.
History: His family died when he was 5 years old. He is now out for revenge with the only thing that was left from his family. His hound.
Other: He has a hound that has a red upper top, and is yellow at the bottom. Plus when he was born he got a curse. ((No telly until or IF it happens))

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Name: Aaron Windthorn.

Age: Basically died when he was 15 so he looks 15.

Gender: Male.

Family: Edward, parents and 5 brothers are dead.

Personality: Polite, teases basically only his brother Edward, quick with ideas, always thinks a way that makes the deal better for himself, can be stubborn.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=cutebo...

Fashion(what they usually wear): Casual when possible.

Power: None really. He's soul is bounded to a sword with a black dragon named Drake. Him and Drake can bond together to form a very powerful and mad person.

Favorite Weapon: Drake.

Keepsake: I guess in a way it's either the sword, Drake, or Edward. Most likely Drake.

Crush/BF,GF: He flirts with every person Edward likes, just to get on his nerves.

History: He is the eldest brother of the Windthorns. His father was the leader of a whole kingdom with a little help of of others. Him and his brothers were always put to work. His brothers usually did lessons and help keep the people happy. He had to take fighting lessons basically all day. During his free time he had to help keep the people happy. One day, him and his brother Edward went against the rules and left the kingdom. They went into the commons were they were unwanted by most people. They hid in a corner. A guy had walked by and recognized that the clothing they wore belong to the royal family of Nightside. He gave them three things, a black sword, a black and white pocket clock, and the whitest wolf ever seen. He told them that they contained the three guardians of Nightside, and that their father had trapped them in there. The black sword had the dark dragon who caused chaos and death when free. The clock had hawk who carried a balance. It was the balance of good and bad, depending on the situation it would change to dark, light, or twilight. In clock form it can tell what is closer, darkness or light. The white wolf contained nothing. There was no reason to lock him away. He brought life, healed people, and kept peace. The giant and dragon hated each other to the death and would always fight. The man gave them the stuff and ran off, disappearing into the crowd. Edward did not trust him and wanted no part in the new found weapons. Aaron however was sick and tired of his people getting pushed around by the surrounding neighbors. He kept the white fox and sword; giving Luke the clock. Aaron started to change, the sword messing with his mind. One day the sword back fired on him. He went mad and slaughtered his kingdom with only a few survivors. Right when he was about to kill his frighten brother Ed a giant thorn came from the ground and stabbed him in the back. The thorn was accidentally made by Edward. Right before he died he did a spell to trap his soul in the sword. Ever since then he has been helping Edward out.

Other: When Drake is inside him, he will not stop a killing-spree. It would be awhile until he is back to normal.

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Name: Amaterasu (White wolf)

Age: Before mankind had began.

Gender: Female.

Family: Drake (The Dark Dragon/Dark Guardian/Orochi)

Personality: Nice, does anything to help a kind heart, friendly, encouraging, along those lines.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=amater... The fire thing can change. It is just a weapon. Only people she allows can see the red markings. If she wants to hide her identity to a person she will appear to be a normal white wolf.

Fashion(what they usually wear): Well it's a wolf so....

Power: The sun and plants. She knows a little more but it takes her a while to summon them.

Favorite Weapon: Whatever is on her back or around her neck.

Keepsake: None.

Crush/BF,GF: None, but there has been rumors she had pups.

History: Basically her and her brothers were born in Nightside. When Drake made the kingdom turn to ruins, Amaterasu helped Edward to live.


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