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Sapphire seemed to float through the forest, her white dress brushing over the leaves on the forest floor.

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James darted through the woods, goind as fast as he could. He knew he couldnt outrun her her but he could try.

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She heard the leaves rustle and looked to her side as a figure flashed by her.

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He saw the girl and darted away from her, not wanting to stop.

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She watches him run away, realizing he was like her. "hey!" She thinks about runing after him.

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He hardly glances back "Hey."

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"What are you running from?" She flutters her wings and lifts off the ground a slight bit, moving closer.

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He was about to answer when a flash knocks him over. Amy gets on top of him. "Hey."

"Hey." James says weakly back.

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She mouths a silent "oh" and starts to walk away.

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James struggles up.

Amy glowwers.

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She continues walking through the forest.

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