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Ghosts of Mercury (Space: 1889 & Beyond #3)
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Untreed Reads (untreedreads) | 34 comments About Space: 1889 & Beyond: Ghosts of Mercury:

Mercury: a planet of two faces – one side cloaked in eternal darkness, the other blistered by eternal sunshine. And balanced between the two is the World River, encircling the globe.

Professor Nathanial Stone and his ward, Annabelle Somerset visit Mercury for what they imagine will be a pleasant trip to visit Annabelle’s uncle.

But tragic death precedes them – a death that provokes a chain of mysterious and terrifying events that challenge Nathanial and Annabelle’s long-held beliefs. Before long, they – with the assistance of French geologist, Arnaud Fontaine – discover something ancient and powerful that has designs on humanity.

About Author Mark Michalowski:

Mark Michalowski’s first published work was a short story in the Big Finish Productions’ collection Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Dead Men’s Diaries (Big Finish, September 2000), which was the result of a chance meeting with producer Gary Russell whilst both were visiting BBC Manchester. He continued writing short stories for Big Finish’s Short Trips range, and also for a variety of charity fanzines, before his first novel, Relative Dementias (BBC Books, 2003) was published as part of the BBC Books Past Doctor Adventures. This was widely well-received, and led to a further novel being published by the BBC, this time an Eighth Doctor Adventure called Halflife (BBC Books, 2004).

His next published novel was the Big Finish Bernice Summerfield novel The Tree of Life (Big Finish, 2005), followed by the story Let There Be Stars in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Collected Works (Big Finish, 2005) and other stories for collections by the same company.

A further Doctor Who novel was published in September 2007, Wetworld featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha, and a second NSA released in September 2008, Shining Darkness featuring the 10th Doctor and Donna.

Since then he has contributed a story to the audio play Forty Five (Big Finish, 2009) to help celebrate the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who, as well as written the Iris Wildthyme audio The Sound of Fear (Big Finish, 2009).

He has also contributed graphic design work to Obverse Books, designing the cover for their short story collection, Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus, for which company he also contributed a story in The Panda Book of Horror.

A Being Human novel, Chasers, was released in 2010, as was a short story for the Bernice Summerfield collection Secret Histories.

Untreed Reads (untreedreads) | 34 comments Renowned science-fiction writer Mark Michalowski has just been interviewed for his hot new release Ghosts of Mercury. Having already made a mark in the worlds of Doctor Who and Being Human we're thrilled to have Mark contributing to Space: 1889 & Beyond.

Head over to Sci-Fi Bulletin to learn how Mark handled working in an established universe, his fear of steampunk and how he overshot his first draft by 30,000 words.

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