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Names in the Discworld

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Barbm1020 | 145 comments TP's seemingly odd choices of names have often puzzled me, but some I've been able to figure out. Woolsthorpe, in Snuff, hards back to Isaac Newton's birthplace (as I learned from Michael White's Isaac Newton. the Last Sorcerer) complete with apple trees. Just now, reading Ian Frazier's Travels in Siberia, I discovered that there was a 19th century book about a women's business enterprise - a then unheard-of economic move - and the title of the book was Shto Delat' which means "What's to be done?" I wonder if Sto Lat means "What's to be done about all these cabbages?" and not as I had assumed "Yeah, we Stole 'at."

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He's so well read; he just pulls from this vast store of knowledge!

It's fun when you run across something that gives you a TP aha moment!

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