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Casey (goochie) | 34 comments Mod
It's time once again, ladies and gents, to sit down with Dad and his Weird Friends! This week, I sit down with Erin Sistak and talk about the start of a new epic fantasy series, "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss! If you like wizards, demons and such in your sword and board, you need to check this out!

Also in this episode, we discuss answers to the question of the week, throw out a new question of the week and even talk a bit of the OUTSTANDING feedback we've gotten on episode one! (Seriously, the feedback on this new book podcast has been awesome, you guys make me feel special!)

So here it is, Dad and his Weird Friends Episode 2 - "The Name of the Wind"

If you're already a fan of The Name of the Wind! Come here to talk up what may be one of the finest installments of modern fantasy!

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian Lassiter (belassiter) | 6 comments Since I (@Nerd_Raaage on twitter) was the one who gave Casey this weeks question, I figured that I should take the time to answer it. So, here are the books that helped to shape my world view:

Starship Troopers - Taught me that some things must be earned to be fully appreciated and that social responsibly sometimes requires personal sacrifice.

1984 - Taught to me question authority, lest authority outlaw the questioners.

Brave New World - While not listed as the first book in this list, Brave New World has probably given me the most to think about than any other work of fiction. Most important among the many things it taught me, is that pleasure and distraction are far more insidious and effective methods of control than the totalitarianism used in 1984. And that we will often willing place those chains upon ourselves if given half the opportunity.

Flowers for Algernon - Taught me that sometimes ignorance truly is bliss. But more importantly, it forced me to reconsider how I view, and treat, my "inferiors." If I ran the world, every middle-schooler would be required to read this book.

Illusions (the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah) - Introduced me to the concept of Relativism.

Speaker for the Dead - Further drove home the importance of Relativism when trying to understand others.

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Brian Lassiter (belassiter) | 6 comments PS - It probably goes without saying, but it's always nice to hear anyway, I'm really enjoying the show. Keep up the good work.

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Casey (goochie) | 34 comments Mod
Nice answers!

And thanks for the comments, glad your'e liking it! #3 should be out tomorrow barring any problems!

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