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Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
There has been interest in reading a Thomas Hardy book so I set up a thread for a discussion. Anyone interested please suggest which book(s) you would like to read and let the others know when would be a good time for you to begin reading. Either you guys can decide which book you want to read here or I can set up a poll. Thanks!

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
There is also interest in reading The Origin of Species by Darwin and an Austen book as side reads so when everyone interested in Darwin decides a reading schedule I'll let you know in case people are interested in reading more than one of the side reads. I am thinking in the meantime I'll set up a poll of Hardy's main novels to decide which book to read. If you have a specific month you want start that works also!

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
A poll is now up.

Courtny | 16 comments I'd love to be included in the Hardy side read. I'm up to reading any of his works, but won't be able to get started until the new year.

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
Make sure you vote on the poll so it counts. The "polls" link is listed in the upper right hand side of the page.

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
When would you guys like to read the winner of the Hardy books?

The side read The Origin of Species by Darwin is scheduled for Jan 1st to Feb 15th. You can read at the same time but if you want to read both you may want to wait. Just let me know. There is also an Austen book to schedule.

Courtny | 16 comments December/January work for me as well.

Philip (phil99) I would also like to participate in the Hardy read/discussion. I've read several of his books, but would love to re-read any one that's chosen.

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Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
Well then the winning book Far from the Madding Crowd will be read and discussed from December to January!

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
I have already read this book but I can't wait for the discussion!

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
So what do you think of Gabriel and Bathsheba?

Silver I have just started reading so I have not got that far yet, so it is hard to say but at this point I have to say that thus far I am really enjoying Gabriel. And I just love his name Gabriel oak, that is a great name.

As far as Batsheba it is too soon for me to tell much about her yet, but so far she seems interesting, and appears to have a bit of an independent streak about her.

I was on the fence about reading this book, as I had some concerns it might be too much of a romance for my usual taste, as I am not generally one for love triangles and that sort of thing, but I thought I would give it a chance. I also tend to have something of a love hate relationship with Hardy. I think his prose is quite beautiful and I enjoy reading his books, but often times I find his heroes and heroines to be quite infuriating.

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 738 comments Mod
I think its a great name too! You may find parts infuriating but overall I think you will like the book. Luckly it doesn't contain a mushy love story. Its a totally different fill from Tess (if you read that) and his descriptions of things tend to be more poetic.

Silver Jamie wrote: "I think its a great name too! You may find parts infuriating but overall I think you will like the book. Luckly it doesn't contain a mushy love story. Its a totally different fill from Tess (if you..."

Tess was his first books I read, and Tess was one of those characters that I found grating upon my nerves at times.

Silver I am quite curious about the role of sheep within the book as they seem to play a key part in the events. In addition to the fact that both sheep/lambs and shepherds are strongly religious symbols and the book is steeped in allusions to religion, I also found it interesting sheep actually altar the course of events and bring Gabe into Bathseheba's path in a way that could seem almost fated. First the death of Gabe's own sheep lead him back into her presence again and than after she fires him the near death of her sheep serve to bring him back to her once more.

There is also a lot of talk of sheep dying and being killed, and a conversation about Bathsheba not allowing Gabe to have the skins of lambs which have died which seems to be suggestive of the "sacrificial lamb"

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