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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay A large Pool that somehow is always clean even though it's outside.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah sat in the pool, wearing a silvery tank-top that always appeared on her whenever she became a mermaid. Her tail was a light blue the same as her eyes. Sitting at the bottom of the pool she bit her lip thinking about her hero, the one man who actually did something good for her.

Alex is a Crazy Pony William walked over the pool and kicked his shoes off. He slid his feet in to relax. Oh cool, Leah. he thought as he noticed her. He smiled and waved at her. "Hello!"

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah saw William and frowned swimming to the surface for air she made sure to splash him as she swam back down, guys were all the same. Manipulative and useless.

Alex is a Crazy Pony William looked surprised. "Um... okay..." he backed up slowly. Someone was clearly in a grumpy mood. He shrugged and pulled back on his shoes. He waved to her once more then walked away.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah left the pool shortly after and decided to go find Lucas, the one guy she actually talked to.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah sat in the pool her tail out she sighed wondering if Jem was really mad at her.

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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Jem sighed and watched her

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah swam around bored with a wave of her hand an ice sculpture was made, a perfect replica of Jem.

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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Jem rose an eyebrow at the sculpture. He admired her fin

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah smiled softly at the sculpture and then sighed frustrated and it melted. Shaking her head she splashed the water upset, "God dammit, why?" She muttered crossly.

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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Jem sighed and appeared "BEcause I'm lovable"

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah jumped, “H-how long were you standing there?” She blushed embarrassed.

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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Jem shrugged "I liked the sculpture"

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah blushed and covered her face, "Oh gods..."

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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Jem chuckled

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah blushed furiously, "That's not nice Jem. I'm never going to be able to do anything without worrying about if your watching."

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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Jem smiled softly "sorry"

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah frowned, "You better not ever watch me take a shower."

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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Jem froze "Clary's dying" he whispered

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Leah froze, "What? Go! Go save her!"

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Kelsey (kelseycrossing) Jem frowned and grabbed her hand before running that way

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