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message 1: by Mari (new)

Mari Mann (marimann) | 13 comments November 18th is the anniversary of Proust's death in 1922; in remembrance of the day here's a quote from Time Regained:
"The idea of Time was of value to me for yet another reason: it was a spur, it told me that it was time to begin if I wished to attain to what I had sometimes perceived in the course of my life, in brief lightning-flashes, on the Guermantes way and in my drives in the carriage of Mme. de Villeparisis, at those moments of perception which had made me think that life was worth living. How much more worth living did it appear to me now, now that I seemed to see that this life that we live in half-darkness can be illumined, this life that at every moment we distort can be restored to its true pristine shape, that a life, in short, can be realised within the confines of a book! How happy would he be, I thought, the man who had the power to write such a book! What a task awaited him! To give some idea of this task one would have to borrow comparisons from the loftiest and the most varied arts; for this writer- who, moreover, to indicate the mass, the solidity of each one of his characters must find means to display that character's most opposite facets- would have to prepare his book with meticulous care, perpetually regrouping his forces like a general conducting an offensive, and he would have also to endure his book like a form of fatigue, to accept it like a discipline, build it up like a church, follow it like a medical regime, vanquish it like an obstacle, win it like a friendship, cosset it like a little child, create it like a new world without neglecting those mysteries whose explanation is to be found probably only within worlds other than our own and the presentiment of which is the thing that moves us most deeply in life and in art. In long books of this kind there are parts which there has been time only to sketch, parts which, because of the very amplitude of the architect's plan, will no doubt never be completed. How many great cathedrals remain unfinished! The writer feeds his book, he strengthens the parts of it which are weak, he protects it, but afterwards it is the book that grows, that designates its author's tomb and defends it against the world's clamour and for awhile against oblivion."

From the French Pleiade edition translated by C.K. Scott Moncrieff and Terence Kilmartin, First Vintage Books Edition, September 1982

message 2: by Nancy (new)

Nancy (faundance5) | 93 comments Ahhhhhh. This is why when I read Proust I feel "wrapped" in the arms of his story! Thanks you for posting Mari

message 3: by Mari (new)

Mari Mann (marimann) | 13 comments Nancy wrote: "Ahhhhhh. This is why when I read Proust I feel "wrapped" in the arms of his story! Thanks you for posting Mari"

That's a lovely phrase- "wrapped in the arms". Seems to me that I can open up Proust just about anywhere and find meaning like this. I had a hard time choosing what to post! Just another Proustophile, Nancy!

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