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Why do wizards allow their kids back to Hogwarts even after all the terrible, scary things happened?
StarszBooks StarszBooks Nov 17, 2011 10:35AM
I mean if there were rumors about the headmaster going insane or a Dark Lord coming back to power I'd keep my child at home. Does anyone else feel this way?

I live in Chicago, where many schools have security detail, kids in gangs being checked for weapons...you may as well ask why those parents send their kids to those schools.

I'm sure some people did want to keep their child home, but everyone knows that Dumbledore is a great wizard and Voldemort cowers before him.

Witches and Wizards are heroic and accustomed to danger; they hold back evil from the mundane world. Their children are SUPPOSED to learn how to fight monsters...look at all the scary stuff that's already on the Hogwarts campus at the beginning of the story! Whomping tree, giant spiders in the forest, et cetera.

Because it is the only wizarding school nearby! And it produces great wizards, and most of the parents went there themselves! And DUMBLEDORE is there! Dumbledore! If he's not going to keep their kids safe, who is?

I think cuz there aren't any other magic skools around and their parents can't stay home to teach them magic so they have to send them to the school to
learn necessary spells and defense charms and stuff. Also in film terms the story had to go like that otherwise there wouldn't be any story really!!

And remember, after Snape became headmaster and Voldemort took over the Ministry, it became mandatory to send your children to Hogwarts, they couldn't have left if they wanted to.

What else are they going to do with them? Home school all those hormonal little witches and warlocks? And many are muggle-born or half-n-half, so where do they get their training. Nope, a scary Hogwarts is better than home where You Know Who can easily get any of them!

Blind faith in the system is my guess.

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I guess it could be the "nothing is going to happen to my kids" syndrome. Plus the problems were going on everywhere too so I agree with Laura on the it was probably the safest place.

Because they trust Dumbledore.

They have faith Dumbledore will protect them cause he is AWESOME!!!!! but after he dies they just crazy they have to let them go back cause ministry making them

because Dumbledore's there and they think there kids are safe with him there and they think that they can just do a spell and everything turns out alright(usally not the case)

Because, every child needs a proper education.............

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Okay, so the fact that this question exsists it sort of sad, don't you think? I mean, I get your point and all, but these aren't just regular muggles, trying to defend against Voldemort. They are actual wizards, so it's not like they haven't been prepped against this sort of thing.
Hogwarts is the place for all the wizards to be trained in magic and be protected by being around others with their same gift. That is why they keep the kids at Hogwarts. Because Harry in the books always felt so unwanted at his muggle home. Hogwarts is where the young wizards can go to be protected not only in numbers, but in the likeness that they all have the same gift, magic.

Make more sense?

Because it's safe...?

Perhaps because they still have trust in teachers such as Professor McGonagall to keep them safe.

It really depends on if the parents trusted Dumbeldore. Maybe some of them didn't believe that the Dark Lord was back. And, for those who do believe, they may have been afraid of the consequences they would have to face if they didnt send their children back to Hogwarts; they were probably afraid of Voldemort and what he could do.
J.K made the books seem so flawless, I never even considered this... but thats the best answer I can give!

I think a lot of them wouldn't think much about rumors because most rumors you hear aren't true plus there was dumbledore and all those other wizards there that could protect the children better than two parents, I mean look what happened to harry.

they know what a good school it is

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woah, thats a little too big of an explanation.

deleted user Those are some good thoughts on the problem.
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Well, when Dumbledore was alive, I'd say that was a big reason. If he were headmaster, I wouldn't take my children out of school. He had a lot of authority and power, and always made the school as safe as he could. It was all the outside factors that made it less-so. But... Holly said it all, I think.

Character building, perhaps?

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There are also several parents who choose to take their kids out of school. The Patils and the Smiths do, that I can remember, and there are probably more who weren't mentioned or who I didn't remember. That started happening when the Dark Arts grew stronger, like in the later books and in Book 2 when there was an actual threat inside the school.

For the most part, though, Hogwarts is actually safer than most other options available. If Sirius Black is on the loose, would you rather have your kids at home, or safe in a fortress under the protection of dementors? If the Death Eaters are getting stronger, wouldn't you rather have your kid in Hogwarts, a sort of "safe zone" protected by Dumbledore and the other teachers as well as centuries of protective spells?

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There wasn't a reason to when Dumbledore was alive. People trusted him, Hogwarts was the safest place for the children. But some people still chose to home school their kids. After Dumbledore died and the death eaters took over the school, they made a law that says that all underage wizards must attend Hogwarts. That's why there were so many snatchers, they were looking for underage wizards, or more specifically muggle born underage wizards (and of Harry Potter), who were trying to escape Hogwarts. This was all explained briefly in the book. They were forced to be there.

Quite a lot of the students and parents has faith in Dumbledore as he was supposed to be the only wizard Voldemort was ever afraid of. Even after Dumbledore died there was quite a lot of faith in Harry as well as all the students determinacy to fight and do what was right for themselves and their futures.

They are just dumb asses

StarszBooks hahahaha
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