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Ella Drake “Get me out of this room, Langley.”

He looked at her, then. Deep brown eyes, full of secrets, thick lashes, dark slashes of brows. The angles and planes of his face fascinated her. “Do you trust me?”

She shook her head, leaned in to whisper against his full lips, “No.”

“You will. Now. No questions.” He kissed her. Engulfed her senses with his essence. Male. Masculine. So potent that the first she’d seen him, incredible as it seemed, he’d made her mouth run dry with want. The absolute frenzy to mate—so strong she couldn’t think straight until she’d climaxed beneath him—had become less crazed after that first encounter, but he still made her burn with his presence.

With an effort, she pulled back from that tangle of tongues and panted, all her muscles tight against the urge to jump his bones. She’d never understood what it was about him that made her nipples tighten to smell him, hear his deep voice, or feel the heat of his body.

“I can’t.”

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C.M. Torrens Oh great snippet!

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Isabelle Flynn Wow! Nice excerpt!

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