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Pamela Pamela Nov 16, 2011 12:15PM
I've come across some reviewers who believe Death is female in this book series. Perhaps I missed something when I read the book. Nonetheless, for those of you who believe Death is a female, kindly let me know what made you come to this conclusion. Thanks.

Hey Pam, hope you don't care if I respond! I just happened to see this message when I was skimming through stuff today. I was talking to a book club one time and one of the women said she thought of Death as female, but all the others saw it as male. She couldn't really verbalize why she thought so -- she just did! At another book club one woman also felt Death was female, and said it was because she saw Death as an extension of Casey, and perhaps that was why she felt that way.

When I write these books I am careful to leave pronouns genderless so those few readers who see Death as female are free to do so! ; )

Does that help at all?

Pamela First off - of course I don't mind that you've taken the time to respond. It wasn't until the second paragraph did I realize you're the author of the ...more
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