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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela Larsen (anglarsen) | 18 comments Good afternoon!

My name in Angela Sage Larsen, I am a Goodreads Author. I have a quick question for you, that I haven't found the answer to anywhere on the Goodreads website.

My page tells me I have 7 reviews of my book Fifties Chix:Travel to Tomorrow, however I only see 3. After some searching, I found two more very positive reviews, but if I'm signed out, they don't show up, plus I still can't find the other two.

I am so thrilled to have my book nominated for a 2011 Goodreads Choice Award! I just want to make sure that visitors to my page on Goodreads can view ALL the reviews. Right now only 3 reviews are visible, 2 of which are not the greatest :), so I would love to have the other positive reviews show up as well, without them having too dig for them.

Can anyone help me? Is there a way to make all reviews visible to a visitor, signed in or not?

Thank you so much!

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela Larsen (anglarsen) | 18 comments Just to clarify...I did find all 7 reviews, when I was signed into my account, but only 3 show up if I'm not signed in. I would love it if all 7 showed up, so that visitors who are not signed in can see all reviews. Thank you!

message 3: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments Hi Angela

I can see 7 text reviews logged in and out - I refreshed the book ratings anyway

Can you check again - I don't think the book page reviews are cached

message 4: by Angela (new)

Angela Larsen (anglarsen) | 18 comments OK, I tried again. I even cleared the history, restarted the computer, etc., but all 7 reviews are not showing up. It read "7 Reviews" at the top of the page, but still only shows 3 of them.

So, are you saying that you can see all seven of the reviews, just by going the the Travel to Tomorrow page (whether you're signed in or not)?

message 5: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments Yep I am seeing 7 by

Clicking on the 7 reviews link at the top of the page next to the 23 ratings and by filtering on text only reviews

How do you have your display filtered?

Nov 15, 2011
Mk rated it 5 of 5 stars
I truly enjoyed Travel to Tomorrow and can't wait to read it again with my daughter (4th grade). The premise of the story is fun. Five very different girls from the 1950s, are grouped together for a school project about what life will be like 55 years in the future. These are girls who might not have ever been friends otherwise. Their differences really show as they work on the project and bomb it. The next day, they wake up in the time they were supposed to do their project on. They disco...more
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Oct 27, 2011
Lauren rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: for-blog
Angela Sage Larsen’s Fifties Chix: Travel to Tomorrow appealed to me for two reasons when I first heard of it: history and time travel. I wasn’t really sure if it would pull either off well given the amount of research needed for one and issues that tend to pop up in the other, but I was beyond pleasantly surprised. The characters don’t magically know modern slang and continue talking like something from I Love Lucy throughout the book. They aren’t just dumped into the future to fend for the...more
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Nov 09, 2011
Michele rated it 5 of 5 stars
I love the Fifties Chix! This is a great book for girls - especially of the middle school age. It is about a group of five girls (all of whom are vary in their interests and personality) who are "thrown together" for a school project about what life will be like 55 years in the future. None seem pleased with this prospect. After they present their project (to not-so-great reviews or grade from the teacher), they wake up in the future. It is frightening, confusing, and stressful fo...more
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Pam Affton, MO
Nov 07, 2011
Pam Affton, MO rated it 2 of 5 stars · review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone with interest in the 1950's
This is actually written more for middle schoolers and possibly their mothers or grandmothers to read with them. My granddaughter and her friends have been interested in the 50's and 60's for awhile so I thought I would try this first book in this series and read it before giving it to her. I think possibly the story will appeal more to her than it did to me since I already had lived it. If she isn't interested or even if she is, my next in line granddaughter also may want to read it.
I was...more
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Phebe Telschow
Nov 13, 2011
Phebe Telschow rated it 5 of 5 stars
This book is well written and worthwhile on every level. The whole concept is extremely smart from the breadth of historic details, to the humor, the humanity, and the innocent charm of the characters.

This book is more than fun – it’s a helpful introduction of how this nation evolved through one of the toughest periods in the modern era. The reader can't help but care about the characters because they all have so much courage and they are wrestling with deeply heartfelt questions r...more
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Beth Groene
Nov 09, 2011
Beth Groene rated it 5 of 5 stars
What a great start to a series young adult girls will love! Angela Larsen has created wonderful characters that are struggling with their teenage lives in the 1950's as well as present day. This book has it all...time travel, romance, mystery, sports, history, and friendship. I loved it!
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Aug 15, 2011
Sheryl rated it 2 of 5 stars
Per FTC regulations, I want to note that I received this book free to review as part of Goodreads "First Reads" program. The premise of this book; five friends are assigned to imagine life fifty years in the future and awake to find themselves there, is very intriguing. Unfortunately, the book itself does not live up to its promise. I felt that the pace was dragging and not that interesting. I could not bring myself to slog through to the end and so cannot spoil things by telling you h...more

message 6: by Angela (new)

Angela Larsen (anglarsen) | 18 comments That was display filter! Thank you very much! I knew it had to be a simple solution. Appreciate your time and help...thank you!

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