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What do you think ...what can be the story in short..

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message 1: by Mehta (new)

Mehta Publishing (MehtaPublishingHouse) | 37 comments Mod
In SCHAPELLE, journalist investigator Tony Wilson writes the truth behind the court's findings, the media allegations and the hype that surrounded the case. Tony Wilson has never faltered in his belief that Schapelle is innocent and he sets out the truth behind the headlines of Schapelle's shocking case.

What do you think must have happened with Schapelle?

message 2: by Marya (new)

Marya Rahator | 7 comments It's hard to say as it talks about real life crime. But then as the book mentions there were so many investigations not done by destroying the bag...if Schapelle is innocent I really pray she no more rots in a hell like that.

message 3: by Mehta (new)

Mehta Publishing (MehtaPublishingHouse) | 37 comments Mod
Yes that's true but in few chapters it talk about various cases being in favour of Schapelle which makes us think that may be Schapelle is innocent and its all planned

message 4: by Mehta (new)

Mehta Publishing (MehtaPublishingHouse) | 37 comments Mod
Marya according to you what can be the other thrilling parts in the story?

message 5: by Marya (new)

Marya Rahator | 7 comments Thrilling parts when Schapelle appeals and there is this flicker of hope that maybe she innocent will be proved and that will be the end of her torture. It's absurd to believe that she was carrying such large amount of marijuana...would a professional drug smuggler do so? Wouldn't it attract everyone's attention... that too in the boogie board which would show the huge lump...its li'l difficult to imagine.

message 6: by Mehta (new)

Mehta Publishing (MehtaPublishingHouse) | 37 comments Mod
Ya even i found the above mentioned part very thrilling and it actually made me thing how could such a thing happen... Whether it was planned by someone to get her in trouble or something else?

message 7: by Mehta (new)

Mehta Publishing (MehtaPublishingHouse) | 37 comments Mod
Why did she get 20 years of jail when others get 15 years of jail for similar offense?

message 8: by Mehta (new)

Mehta Publishing (MehtaPublishingHouse) | 37 comments Mod
Here comes another novel "The Fountain's Magic" by Marya Rahator...

Maya, who dreams about a simple life like any ordinary girl, only to be shattered by the cruel blow of an acrid matrimony.

Will she be able to over-shadow the nemesis of the demon by her optimism and sheer resilient mettle?

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Mehta Publishing (MehtaPublishingHouse) | 37 comments Mod
Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog: The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman....

I do not understand women. What man does? Lisa Scottoline writes about women from a woman's view. I think this book is insightful and funny. Women, I am certain, will probably understand references that leave me scratching my head. When she talks about being braless, for example, I get an image she probably did not intend.

Would love to read your reviews for this book...

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