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A Wrinkle in Time: Is Calvin Father?
Steven Steven Nov 15, 2011 02:25AM
The following are my feelings towards the characteristics of various characters:

At first I thought that Charles Wallace was a mind reader or psychic since he seemed to know really well what others were thinking and feeling. For example, Charles Wallace knew about Meg's talk with the principal before she even said anything about it and knew immediately that Mrs. Whatsit was the one who had taken the blankets. Now I just think he represents the purity of a young child whose head is not clouded by societal norms and judgements. He therefore has the ability to read the expressions and motives of people in a more objective way than most people can. 

Another first impression that I had was that Calvin was a time traveler since he said he has never seen the Murry house before but for the first time in his life he thinks he is going home. However, I am confused since it seems like he has a home  and mother though that he called when he realized he was going to stay with the Murrys for dinner. Based on his descriptions of his mother and the way she treats him, I now believe that he is just an adopted orphan who is unhappy with his foster family. He values being popular and athletic because that is what he has to look forward to and feel good about each day before returning home  

I now think maybe Calvin is father who traveled in time backwards and is now back in his childhood. I say this because after looking at a picture of Meg'a father, both Meg and Calvin admit that he is tall and skinny and looks a lot like Calvin.
Plus, as i said earlier, he said he felt at home at the Murry's house. Also, when Charles asked Mrs. Who if Calvin is good or not, instead of just answering the question, she instead mentions a man who needs help and is honorable, and then says that it is Meg's father.  So maybe Meg's father is a time traveler who is helping to save the world or someone's life and that is why he left and they are not sure if he will ever come back. And maybe this Calvin of the future needs to go with Meg and Charles to save his present/future self which is really Father. 

Anyways, these are the conspiracy theories I have been grappling with so far as I have been reading this book.

Could all of you try to be more polite when responding to people's comments on books? Even if the opinion does seem strange to you, be respectful.

Calvin is a boy who was just walking by. Charles Wallace´s father is the same one as Meg´s.

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lol that's the most ridiculous theory -! Madeleine L'Engle sort of based Calvin off her own husband. She didn't mean for him to be the father as a child! besides, Calvin and her dad aren't ANYTHING alike! lol :P I mean, just because they're both skinny... there's a lot of skinny people! lol :D no offense... I think it's interesting :)

Calvin isn't an orphan living with a foster family; he's just a misfit in his biological family. This is actually discussed in Wrinkle; reread the bit where they talk about genetic sports. It's because he doesn't fit with his own biological family that he talks about feeling at home for the first time in the Murry house. It's not because he's a time traveler, or Charles Wallace's father, or any of that silliness.

Conspiracy theory, I'd say. Doesn't make sense. Calvin's a redhead, for one.

Uh... what is going on in your mind? Many humans look alike (Just read the hunger games. Katniss and Gale aren't related but they look alike.) And also, the reason Calvin said he felt like he was "going home" is probably because of his welcomeness and love from the Murrys. And I know this is that kind of book, but how did Calvin get ahold of the ability to time travel? Seriously? One more thing: Would YOU marry one of your daughters and have kids with her? Dude?

Don't want to give you any spoilers, since it sounds like you haven't read any of the other books in the series, but I just have to say, it would be REALLY REALLY REALLY disgusting if Calvin was father.

I actually think it's a really good thought. Guys, obviously Steven thought alot about this and we're just saying it's wrong. Maybe, you never know :)

no that's no possible. Later on, in a different series but with many of the same characters Calvin and Meg are actually a couple. I don't think this spoils too much... it's kind of obvious given their relationship in the early books.

Also, Calvin is not adopted. He just doesn't relate to the rest of the family and the 'coming home' feeling he has just means that the Murrys are more like him and feel more like his family than his real one.

Michaela Exactly. He and Meg get married.
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It is an interesting way of looking at this. I think though, that the reason Calvin and Meg's father are said to look similar is to explain why Meg and Charles Wallace accept him so quickly. He obviously belongs with them, just as their father does. It's a spiritual and mental connection, not a genetic one. I'm glad you thought about it the way you did, you've given each of us a new way to see the book. Keep thinking about what you read okay, and ignore people if they type all in caps at you.

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