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Should I keep reading?
Kayla Kayla (last edited Dec 22, 2011 04:14PM ) Nov 14, 2011 08:12PM
I read the first 50-100 pages and it bored me. I'm wondering if it gets better, because if it doesn't, there's too many good books to read to read a bad 1
new update- I read it because the majority of you said it was really good and I read it, so I don't need any more input. And I disliked it by the way but whatever

well this is my number 1 favorite of Sarah Dessen books. so i recommend that you keep reading :) i love Wes sa-woon!

me too! i got a little bored but keep reading! its a really good story!

I stopped after like 200
a) it was due at the library
b) it bored me.
there was no point in renewing it if i didnt like it, although i do like Sarah Dessen

It was okay. I would say you should at least read it once. I did, but I don't think I'll ever revisit the story. It just moved a little too slowly for me.


YES!!!!This book is awesome!!!!!!

You should absolutely keep reading it. She's an amazing author.

read it!!!!!!!!!

I love this book it's sooooo sweet!!!!

It gets a whole lot better when the Wish crew is in it, I promise.

Keep reading!

keep reading this is also one of my favorite books by Sarad Dessen.

If you didn't like the first 50-100 pages, you probably won't like the rest.

Delaney yeah but if you read other Sarah Dessen books and loved it, you kind of thing what the process goes, I say.
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yes it gets better

don't worry, it gets better.

YES! You'll love it by the end and you'll be happy you read it.

It has am good ending!Keep it up!

Definitely keep reading it.

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Keep Reading!!! This book gets amazing.

Heck yes! I can't even remember what happens in the book but its that good:)

Keep reading I'm almost positive it gets better. It did for me!! :)

I just finished it the other day and I totally loved it! You should finish it! Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite female authors! I love her!

Definitely keep reading ... this is one of my favorite Sarah Dessen books.

you should definitely finish of my all time favorite books and definitely some unexpected plot twists...

I got bored with it at first too but it gets better.

It was slow and boring in the begining but after you read on it gets better, but i always feel like she ends her book smack fast and you wondering whats happen to them. If shes going to end her books so aburtly then she should do like a 10 years later type thing

I stopped after like 200
a) it was due at the library
b) it bored me.
there was no point in renewing it if i didnt like it, although i do like Sarah Dessen

I would say no. This book is no good

You should keep reading it, although to be honest I didn't think the book was "amazing" or anything along those lines. I kept waiting for something to happen that would suck me into the book, but that never happened. I know there's a lot of people that love this book though, and praise it highly. I think's it's a little overrated, but maybe that's just me.

Kayla Yeah, my thoughts went along that line
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