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message 1: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (last edited Apr 03, 2012 10:07AM) (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments This is still in BETA (testing), but here are some basic instructions.

WE WILL BE STARTING A FEATURED GROUP CHALLENGE JANUARY 1, 2012. This is the instructions for that.

If you wish to see the challenge in action now, check out Happily Ever After Café Group. If you have not joined this group, you will not see the challenge and will need to use this link.


NOTE: If you need to enlarge/zoom your screen/view, hold the control (Ctrl) key down while pressing the + key.

Holding the hold the control (Ctrl) key down while pressing the - key will decrease the zoom on your computer screen.


How to enter a Featured Group Challenge

Screen 1

On the Home Page, fill in your information in the appropriate box. In this example we will use the challenge “Brides, Grooms, and Weddings the Year Around.”

See the fill in fields/boxes where it says:
My goal is to read ____ books for this challenge.
Enter a shelf name for this challenge: _____________
Fill in those fields/boxes.

Notice you have to enter add a bookshelf name to keep track of your books for this challenge. I tried “read” for another, non-specific challenge. That totals the books correctly, however, that doesn’t allow me to see the bookcovers for the books I’ve read, probably because I am also in Goodreads yearly challenge. Also, it is all the books I have read, not those specific to this challenge. However, I added a “heac-brides” shelf, as shown below, and that worked beautifully. You can, of course, come up with your own title. Only books you’ve read (and indicated by a finish date) during the date parameters, and tagged with your personal bookshelf, will count toward this challenge.

Screen 2

Click on the Save Challenge button.

Your avatar will now appear and it will show your progress by bar graph and percent. If none appear, it may be because you did NOT tag the shelves or indicated the date you finished the book.

Screen 3

If you click on the hyperlink numbers for percent -- in the above example on Screen 3, that is “4 of 10 (40%)" -- it will take you to a screen showing all the books you’ve read for this challenge.

Screen 4

If you click on “update my entry,” you can change your goal or shelf name. Be sure to save.

Screen 5

Or, if you click on “view community progress,” you will be taken to a screen that shows you all your friends that are in this challenge and the other participants. Click on “view books” to see books others have chosen. By moving your cursor over the bookcover, you can see how many stars they gave a book they selected.

Screen 6

Hope this helps! ☺

message 2: by Phoenix (Online Elf), Moderator (new)

Phoenix (Online Elf) | 4356 comments I joined that challenge, Lisa Kay. As you can see, that is my avatar. All my books are Christmas brides, grooms, and weddings because I enjoy Christmas all year through.

message 3: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (last edited Nov 23, 2011 08:06AM) (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments If you are having trouble adding a bookshelf it could be because you haven't included the hyphen if you have used two or more words. Instead of something like "heac brides" (used in the examples above) you need to put in "heac-brides".
                                                          [image error]
Also, you can add books to this shelf that you haven't read yet; just some that you plan on. GoodReads won't add them to this challenge until you enter a date finished.

message 4: by Lisa Kay, Moderator (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 20797 comments Please note: If you desire privacy, you can set your profile to "private" and no one will be able to see the books you have read except you. Still, the number will appear and will count toward this challenge.

If you want to enter a blog contest, you can copy the url on the screen that shows the book covers and people will only be able to access that page.

If someone has read the same book as you, after going to their “view books” screen, you can roll your cursor over the bookcover and see their rating -- and below it yours!

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