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Lawrence M. Schoen (lawrencemschoen) | 24 comments Mod
A place to comment, discuss, and/or ask questions about my favorite fictional hypnotist, the Amazing Conroy, as well as his companion animal the buffalo dog named Reggie.

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Lawrence M. Schoen (lawrencemschoen) | 24 comments Mod
Meanwhile, over on my newly revamped website, I've set up a feature where fans of the Amazing Conroy can help build an online Index.

Details and the current version of the index are available at http://www.lawrencemschoen.com/conroyverse/.

Basically, it's a Who's Who and a What's What and a Where's Where set of listings (and pretty free of spoilers too). Part of it is to help readers keep track of the many different characters, aliens, etc. in the stories. But in all honesty, part of it is to help me keep track too, so I don't end up contradicting myself (too much) as the saga unfolds.

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Lawrence M. Schoen (lawrencemschoen) | 24 comments Mod
You know, it’s been a while since I posted a Freebie. Time to rectify that.

If you head over to the Freebies section of my website (http://www.lawrencemschoen.com/schoen-freebies/), you’ll find a new addition, a PDF of a recently published short story entitled “Yesterday’s Taste.”

This is a Conroy and Reggie story that I wrote for Colin Harvey. He was putting together Transtories, an anthology for Aeon Press in Ireland, and asked me to send him something. The gimmick of the anthology was to base some aspect of the story on a word that began with “trans.” It seemed like a fun challenge, and the result was “Yesterday’s Taste. Colin accepted the story less than 24 hours after I emailed it to him. Tragically, Colin died of a stroke in the summer of 2011, two and a half months before the book’s release.

I’m very fond of the story, and I hope you like it.

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Lawrence M. Schoen (lawrencemschoen) | 24 comments Mod
** spoilers **do not read if you haven't yet read Buffalito Destiny **

After I wrote Buffalito Contingency (the sequel to Buffalito Destiny), several readers contacted me with a question:

At the end of the first book, Reggie is in a coma, but at the beginning of the second book, he's fine; what happened?

It's a fair question. To answer it, I broke a pattern with the short fiction from the Conroyverse. Let me explain. Previously, all of the shorter tales took place before Buffalito Destiny. To resolve this question though, I needed to write about a span of time that occurs between the two novels.

So I did. The result is "Trial of the Century," a novella that is being formally published in World Jumping, an anthology from Hadley Rille Books in the latter half of December 2013.

While I certainly encourage everyone to rush out and buy a copy of that book, I'm also happy to give you a link to that will let you download an electronic version (ePub, mobi, or PDF, your choice) right now. I should add that the ebook version features another brilliant cover by Rachael Mayo, the artist who has done all of the Conroy book covers to date.

Here's the link: http://j.mp/CenturyTrial.

Happy Reading!

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Lawrence M. Schoen (lawrencemschoen) | 24 comments Mod
My most recent Conroy story, the novella "Trial of the Century," was just nominated for the Nebula Award. **woo hoo**

To celebrate, I've made it available here on Goodreads for your reading and/or downloading pleasure. Here's a link: http://j.mp/1jLZI96.

In related news, I finally worked out how to set up the various Conroy works as a "series" here in Goodreads, complete with numbers to show the chronological order of things.

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Nan Silvernail (slymongoose) | 2 comments Yay!

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