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Is the home of Edward, Aaron, Drake, and Luke. The door that protects it had been damaged because of the attack of the dark dragon, but it is openble thanks to Edward. It now has black thorns growing over it, hiding it as if it was nothing. The destroyed kingdom on the other side has rubble everywhere. Rotting dead bodies are still there. About 10 have been buried out of 1,000. The place stinks of death.

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((Me: Thats wonderful........))

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Edward entered the ruins. " Geez, this place has not changed." Aaron said as he took a shadow form, looking at his old home.
Edward said nothing, wanting to get this over with. Every time he came here Drake would try to convince him into doing something that Ed usually regrets. He walked over to wall that had a rusty shovel that he had used last time he was here. He grabbed it and dug a hole big enough for a little boy. Then, he went back to his little brother. As he picked the corpse up his mind trailed off to a old memory.

"AL! AL! WHERE ARE YOU!" His own voice yelled.

"TWY TO FIND ME EDDY!" A little boy replied. Finally he found his little bother hiding in a tree.

"Come down from there!" Edward demanded. He watch his brother climb down from the fully grown tree.

"Well, well. If it is not Ed and Ally." Aaron's voice came from behind Ed.

Al glared at Aaron for that girly nickname. "It's Al Aaron." Edward said, sensing his little brother was pouting. Aaron smirked as he quickly pulled out his new black sword and made a cut on Edward's cheek. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" Edward yell, trying to hold back the tears because of the small cut.

"Aww, is the little cry baby going to run home to daddy. Well to bad, daddy is probably dead by now." He said with a smirk.

A tear found it's way out of Edward's eyes, "How c-could you say that?" He asked, fully crying now. "You have been different ever since you got th....AL!" Tears poured. While Edward was speaking Aaron had threw the sword at his own littlest brother. Edward knelled by the dead body. The sword was through Al's chest. "AL! AL! SAY SOMETHING!.....D-DON'T LEAVE!" The tears never stopped. The lifeless eyes stared at Edward.

"Come Drake. We will leave Ed for last." He laughed as he walked away. The sword went out of the body and into the hands of Aaron. Leaving Edward all alone.

"Ed. Ed!" A voice rang. Edward snapped out of his thoughts. He had been staring at the hole left in the boy's body. They were by the grave that was created. "Ed. You all right?" Asked Aaron, the murder of most of the people in the kingdom.

"Y-Ya...Just had a small thought." Edward replied as he laid his brother into the hole. He started to cover it up.

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When the day ended they had buried about a quarter of the corpses. "Hi Aaron, I am going to take a walk around the Commons." He said as he left the sword by the newly made fire. Aaron said nothing, "Probably asleep; weird thing is he did none of the work." Edward thought as he walked out the door.

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(*sigh* his little brother)

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((O, ya. SORRY XD))

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(lol. wanna rp? I'm bored..)

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((Same here. So with who and where?))

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(hmmm, I have Mel and Lilly open. Mel's rude, Lilly's dead. You choose person and how about the forest.)

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((Okay. Wah aboot Mel. ;)))

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(ok >:D)

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When Edward walked back over to the sword the fire was dying. As soon as he grabbed the sword that was wrapped in the white cloth he heard snoring. Edward smirked a little, "Wow, still asleep." He thought. He grabbed the rest of his stuff and walked to the door. Before he left he took one last look at the kingdom. "Soon it will be back like it's old self." He thought out loud to himself. He then walked away.

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