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A Town right outside a waterfall that guards a door. Many teens run around here.

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The three arrived at the town. It was unusually quiet, no one was around. Edward did not care. Those people who were once here watched him as he laid outside the door bleeding to his death. Only one of them helped him. Aaron walked into the waterfall with Edward in the sword and tiny Drake in his pocket. The three entered the hidden cave. "So where's the key?" Edward asked. Aaron reached into his pocket that did not have the drake ((Another word for dragon)) with a smirk. When he felt nothing it started to disappear. "Um Ed, I think we may have a problem." Aaron spoke. "What is it?!" Asked his brother. "Well I guess the key slipped out of my pocket while we were trav-." Aaron was cut off. "WHAT!? THAT WAS THE ONLY KEY LEFT YOU HINK!" Edward yelled. ((In their language hink means dumbass.))

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"Okay let's switch." Edward said. "WHAT, BUT WHAT ABOUT MY DEAL!?" Aaron yelled, good thing no one was near. "Would you rather be in a body in work or at the school with the others?" Edward asked. "Good point." Arron unwrapped the white cloth and touches the cold black sword. The eyes of the body went lifeless, falling to the ground. The mist increase from the sword.

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After 5 minutes life returned to the body as the owner of it came back. "Geez, I never get use to that." Edward said as he stretch. He laid down the sword and spoke, "Wait here. Unlike you, when I was little I found another way out." He said as he walked away. He started to climb the rock that the waterfall came off of. In less than one minute he made it to the top which was 30 feet tall. He walked on it carefully and found the hole that lead to the ruins of the kingdom. He squeezed through it and fell to the ground feet first onto a corpse. His face sadden as he recognized it as his younger brother. He pushed the thoughts aside. He walked toward the door and unlocked. He opened it and picked up his brother. "See while you were busy I did my own training." He walked back into the place.

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Ed walked around the town that use to despise the ruined kingdom. He sighed, "I wonder what's going on at the academy...." He was mostly wondering about Cami. His thoughts disappeared when he heard footsteps, "It's night time. Everyone should be asleep by now." He thought as he looked at the direction it had came from.

"Hi Edward, remember me?" Came a familiar voice.

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Edward looks closer at the dark figure, "Terrer?"

He smiled, "Geez Edward, have you forgotten. When you are talking to me in public you need to call me Noah."

Edward sighed, "There is no-"

"STILL!" Noah interrupted. "So are you back to take control of the group again?" He asked.

"No, I told you before I left that I was done with it." Edward said, "All I did was hurt the members."


Edward smirked and laughed a little at his old mentor's temper. "Hi, has the hideout still at the same location?"

Noah smirked, "Well, we switch every few months just in case Sarah comes back. Right now it's in the desert island."

Edward looked disappointed, "So we have not captured her yet?"


"You know what I meant." Edward said, rolling his eyes.

"Hi, let's talk more at the hideout. The people here have been acting strange. I will tell you more when we are at HQ." Noah said. He snapped his fingers and they disappeared. Snowflakes replacing their spots.

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9Aww he was thinking of Cami. :P You should make a topic under Edward's Journey folder named People or something to tell us who are reading WHO THE HECK THESE PEOPLE ARE! Or you cold leave it a mystery :P)

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(could. geez everyone makes fun of my stupid typos. :( :D)

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(lol :( it's ok :D)

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Edward reappeared by the lake, the sand falling to the ground. He sighed as his face went back to it's normal color. Then, he walked back to the cave that contained the door that was wide open. He entered the ruins.

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Edward walked back out into the commons, the sun was starting to rise. He walked over to where the town split into the forest. Before he left he ran into Wolf. "Hi Ed your back! Are you staying!?" Wolf asked, hoping the answer was yes.
Edward nodded his head no, then spoke, "Do me a favor. Tell Terrer that I will be checking in to make sure he keeps his promise."
Wolf looked a bit confused, but did a lazy salute. With that the both of them went their different paths. Ed went back to the school, while Wolf headed back to base. Wolf was unaware of the work that was waiting for him.

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