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I had to add a topic for it to show :)

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((XS Those three were basically it.))

'Edward' walked on. They have traveled 20 miles. He deicided to make camp and made a fire. As he stared at it he randomly laughed. "What is it?" Asked Edward as he took his shadow form. "Well I bet no one knows that we left, or even don't care." Edward stayed quiet. "Hi Edward, what happened to you?" Asked Aaron. ((Aaron now since no one is here other than Edward.)) "What do you mean?" Edward asked. "Well, when I was still fully alive you were a hyper kid who was ONLY shy when asking out a girl. Why the change?" His brother asked, poking the fire with a stick. Edward had to think for a moment. He had not thought about it in a long time. "If I remember it right, I thought our family's death was because I was fooling around too much. If I were to not have even lead us to that guy would things still be like this?" " Your truly an idiot for thinking that." Aaron laughed. Edward just nodded and was in a ball position.

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(GEEZ why does this whole journey make me emotional? lol so sad :( )

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((XD That's because I can only really do depressing stories, and since I am by my self on this it is basically a story.))

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Aaron yawned. After awhile Edward fell asleep, disappearing into the sword. Aaron smirked, " Now time to take a short cut." He pulled Drake out of his pocket. He flew up to the sky and grew. He queitly grabbed the sword and hopped onto the dragon. They headed over to the Commons.

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About a few miles away from the town Edward woke up. The first thing he saw was the moving ground. The next second he knew what happened, "AARON! WHY ARE WE ON DRAKE! GET US DOWN! YOU KNOW I HATE RIDING HIM! HE IS A EVIL BEAST THING!" He yelled. Aaron chuckled, "Great," He said sarcastically, "You awake."

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"DAMN RIGHT I AM AWAKE! NOW LAND THIS THING BEFORE WE CRASH!" Edward yelled. Aaron smirked, he had an idea. "Okay. Just know you were the one that told me to do so." Aaron dropped the sword in the forest below. Edward cursing on the way down. Aaron decided to land to retrieve him. "EDWARD~!" After a half an hour he found him, the sword a bit dented. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" Edward yelled. "Well you did say land it. A sword is an it. It just so happens you were in it. Also you never said a smooth landing." Aaron answered with a smirk. Edward could not say a comeback.

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Aaron grabbed the sword, and got back onto Drake. They started to head to the Commons. It took about two hours in order to reach it. Edward was fussing along the way.

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Edward made his way back to the school by foot this time. It took him about 3 hours, he did not want to take any breaks. The whole time Aaron was asleep.

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