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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments Alright, Matt. You post the charrie sheets.

But first:

Which people should we play out? I kind of want to play a dark brooding character... One with trust issues. This time around, anyway. Should it be a she or he? And should they be the one with the older/younger sibling or no?

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments Full Name: (Character's full name)

~*Alias: (What is your character known as?)

~*Age: ( self explanatory )

~*Gender: (Female/Male)

~*Weapons of Choice: (Here's where you should list the weapons your character has on them currently, NOT what they wish they had or know how to use. Please be realistic of what they have.)

-* Picture: ( Pic of char )

~*Personality: (What are they like? )

~*History: (What has your characters' life been like? Please include your character's FULL life history. Explain their early years, where they lived, their home life, what they did, and how that made them into the person they are today. As well, please include what happened to your character when the apocalypse began, then explain what's happened to them since then. )




Make them a female, I'm better at males, also yeah make them have a sibiling, I like having a loner char.

( Small edit: I forgot some stuff the first time, derp )

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments Hmm. So, I'll make a girl with a sibling who's really quiet and shy but super super protective of the sister? I think the boy should be younger.

You'll be making one boy, I assume? How old?

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments 16-17 Cause I want him to be at least a little mature, but yeah the sister should be quiet, but out spoken for her sister.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments Alright. My girl will be the same age, I suppose. Is that okay?

She'll have a younger brother who's overprotective but silent. He'll be 13 or so.

Ready to make the characters?

They're Human only, correct?

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments yeah you post up a bio first kay?

Also yeah only human

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments -*Full Name: Tanya Kimberly Denise Anderson

~*Alias: Tally (TAH-lee)

~*Age: 17

~*Gender: Female

~*Weapons of Choice:
-Desert Eagle (Main)
-Knuckle Knives (Thigh Holsters)
-Two Butterfly Knives (Pockets/Forearm Holsters)
-AI AE Sniper Rifle (Strapped on the Back)


Although Tanya looks like the dark, brooding type; she's actually quite the opposite. Her flowing black hair overshadow large grey eyes with eyelashes just as long. Her arms are usually covered in long light-teal and black arm warmers. Her clothes were, before they got soiled and torn, stylish and hip; but she quickly made them battle ready by ripping the skirt and wearing sturdy jeans.

~*Personality: Tanya is a stand-up character that won't take flack. If she takes her stance on an issue, she won't budge without some kind of reason that she finds better than her own. Despite the fact that she might be easy to read, she'll tell you what she's thinking anyway. Although she may seem tough and brittle on the outside, if you find one of her weaknesses, she's a goner. Her emotions are impossible to keep in check no matter what she tries to do, but she's oddly tender when it comes to her younger brother, Oliver. Even if she's trying her very best to remain composed she will absolutely go INSANE if you try to harm him. She'd put her life on the line for him... But with anybody else, she's closed off and unusually hostile.

~*History: Tanya has always been a daredevil. Ever since birth, she's always been the one who crosses the yellow tape to find what thrills await her on the other side. The thought of an apocalypse? The ultimate scare. As a kid, she had always been the one to question rules. Why can't this exist? Why can't I climb the fence? Why can't... Etc, etc. Her teachers all thought she was crazy. Her friends all thought she was crazy. Hell, her parents thought they should have sent her to a mental institution. Only her brother stood up for her with his silent, iron defense.
Their quaint home lived in a neighborhood with no hills and lots of rain. The trees grew big and tall and branches were low and close together. Climbing was no problem... Jumping off the top of them, however, was a huge one. Often times Oliver would come running home with a panicked expression, and her parents could only roll there eyes. "There goes that crazy girl again... Seriously, Jeff, we need to keep her contained!" Her mother, Pauline, would argue. Jeffery would only scoff and hop in the car with Oliver to pick up the poor girl. One time it was the arm, another time it was the leg. She's broken too many bones to count. With sun-kissed skin tanned from hours in the sun each day, her lithe form is now almost completely tolerant of pain. Not only that, but it makes her nearly fearless of heights, blood and bones. Guts? Not that bad. Violence had always been an answer for her... One that came naturally, too.
When the apocalypse started, she and Oliver had been on the way home from school on the bus. The bus driver had let out a piercing scream, and swerved so hard that the G-Force threw everybody out of their seats. Just before screeching to a halt and flinging open the exit door, he stuttered one word. "Z...Z...ZOMBIES!!!!"
The entire bus went insane. Kids struggling out of windows, the emergency exit fought to get to. What was left? Two children, sitting in a seat together, holding hands, completely calm. "...Shall we go?" The older asked. The younger only took out a pocket knife, handed it to the older, then smiled as he took out another. And so they left. And behind them, they left a trail of blood as they fought for their survival, back to back as they had always been. By the time they reached their house across two highways and a state intersection; their parents were already gone. After killing the reanimated corpses, they looted the house for whatever they thought they'd need, then left. And since then, they've lived on the road. Running from place to place, never staying anywhere for too long... Until they met another survivor who told them about Safe Haven. But before they could glean too much information from him, he died. After that, they set up shop in an old department store with everything they needed... Escape routes and no other way in. All in all... A sweet deal. Considering they've been there for a little over a month.

-Tanya took gymnastics when she was younger, as well as air-acrobatics. She's good with landing on her feet from most any height and not breaking a bone; and has no problem flipping and cartwheeling while fighting zombies to avoid ruining her shoes. After all, size 7 are the hardest to find. She has a fairly good accuracy with guns from far range with her sniper, but she prefers melee style. For her, there's nothing more satisfying than having blood on her hands from slashing deep into an artery.

*!Likes: Guns, Violence, Winning, Oliver, Dogs, Winter Time, Autumn, Trees, Climbing, Heights, Nature.

*!Dislikes: Touchy-Feely, People other than Oliver, Cats, Summer, Spring, Being Underground, Being Trapped, Enclosed Spaces.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments -*Full Name: Oliver Kent Elijah Anderson

~*Alias: Ollie

~*Age: 13

~*Gender: Male

~*Weapons of Choice:
-Glock .45mm (Main)
-Hand-and-a-Half Sword (Strapped to Hip)
-Pair of Sai Daggers (Strapped to Forearms)
-AR-15 Automatic Assault Rifle (Strapped on Back)


Oliver has medium length black hair with deep forest green eyes. Pale skin contrasts startlingly with his monochromatic theme of dark colors and disheveled look; giving him a ghostly kind of first impression. At any moment, he looks like he could float off into the distance because of his abnormally scrawny figure. Despite this, he has lean muscles from keeping up to his older sister and long, bony fingers that look like spider legs.

~*Personality: Oliver seems like the kind of person that's flaky and passive. Relatively speaking, he doesn't... speak much. He mostly lets Tanya speak for him, since he'll pretty much follow what she says until all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted. Although he's more open to suggestions and criticisms and he's much more level-headed than his older sister, that doesn't mean he won't hold a knife to your throat as soon as you say a word against her. He'll listen to what you think... And he'll accept good ideas... But if Tanya says no, you'd best believe he won't go against her. Unless, of course, he came to a decision before her...

~*History: Ever since he was born, Oliver has lived in Tanya's shadow. Not by force... But by choice. He's never enjoyed the spotlight, he's never wanted attention, and he's only ever desired for his older sister to be happy. He'd rather stay inside and read a book than go outside and play pirates with the kids down the street; but since his older sister wanted to, he followed along. The imaginary worlds she fantasized? He did everything in his power to make them come true. If he had to play the villain in whatever story line she was narrator for, he would. The trees Tanya climbed and the trouble that she got into? He would take the blame no matter what she complained about. It was fine to him... After all; his parents thought he was the goody-two shoes compared to their crazy insane daughter. If he let her take the fall, she would get sent away. And the last thing he would ever want is to live without his sister.
When the apocalypse started, he and Tanya had been on the way home from school on the bus. The bus driver had let out a piercing scream, and swerved so hard that the G-Force threw everybody out of their seats. Just before screeching to a halt and flinging open the exit door, he stuttered one word. "Z...Z...ZOMBIES!!!!"
The entire bus went insane. Kids struggling out of windows, the emergency exit fought to get to. What was left? Two children, sitting in a seat together, holding hands, completely calm. "...Shall we go?" The older asked. The younger only took out a pocket knife, handed it to the older, then smiled as he took out another. And so they left. And behind them, they left a trail of blood as they fought for their survival, back to back as they had always been. By the time they reached their house across two highways and a state intersection; their parents were already gone. After killing the reanimated corpses, they looted the house for whatever they thought they'd need, then left. And since then, they've lived on the road. Running from place to place, never staying anywhere for too long... Until they met another survivor who told them about Safe Haven. But before they could glean too much information from him, he died. After that, they set up shop in an old department store with everything they needed... Escape routes and no other way in. All in all... A sweet deal. Considering they've been there for a little over a month.

(What has your characters' life been like? Please include your character's FULL life history. Explain their early years, where they lived, their home life, what they did, and how that made them into the person they are today. As well, please include what happened to your character when the apocalypse began, then explain what's happened to them since then. )

*!Ability: Oliver's objective nature gives him the ability to view a situation from multiple different angles and come up with the best solution to a problem. He's very, very good with strategical planning because of this, and even from a young age he's always liked it. He's always been very good at thinking ahead and taking initiative during battle; and he has no qualms about getting his clothes dirty.

*!Likes: Silence, Reading, Books, Smells, Touch, Winter, Autumn, Following Tanya's Lead, Doing what Tanya Does, Agreement, Solving Problems, Strategical Planning, Receiving Recognition from Tanya.

*!Dislikes: Loud Noises, Fire, Disagreements, Problems, Going into a Situation Without a Plan, Getting Yelled at by Tanya, Being Babied, Meeting Strangers, Having Strangers Approach Tanya (without Permission), Zombies, Danger.

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments Full Name: Zeke Fallows

*Alias: Zephyr

~*Gender: Male

*Weapons of Choice:

Lead Pipe ( Melee )
Dual submachine guns ( Primary )
Butterfly Knife ( Reserved )
Double Barreled Shotgun ( Back strapped )

-* Picture: [image error]

Zeke has good build to him, broad shoulders that allow him to firmly clench heavier weapons, he has medium length shoulder black hair that has certain reflective sheen to it, he often wears obscure band T-shirts that vary in colors of black, red, and green. He wear typical blue jeans or sometimes a black set of jeans that Ethan used to wear.

~*Personality: Zeke was born in a sheltered life, often away from the ignorant homes of the people who shunned him away he stayed with his best friend Ethan for the longest time, and it allowed him learn from an early age the value of hard work. Often he was never handed anything in life, his strong personality rejected all forms praise he didn’t think he earned. Often learning to do thing the hard way, weather it be how to properly hotwire a car when a gang came to collect rent money and you just didn’t have it, or how to correctly fire a shotgun from 20 feet he learned it on the streets. He outer appearance often intimidates others, because quite frankly he can loud and obnoxious in the heat of battle, but when thing cool down he can be really laid back and calm

~*History: Zeke was born in poverty when his parents raised him up, he had to get a job as a kid of 11 to help pay for things, which often made him very rebellious to do anything his parents wanted him to do especially when it came to him being responsible. He was tried and true rebel by the time he was an adolescent. One day he just snapped with his parents, told them off and how they never really loved him and just used him to get more money so that they could happy while he worked. He storm out of the house, hotwired their car and drove away. The area he lived in was always a suburban hell. Gangs ruled the town and often collected money from the people that lived their, the people were more content to just lay back and be stepped out. Except for one man that stood up for what he believed in. Ethan.

Zeke as a teen worked with a guy he only referred to as Ethan, he never knew his real name he only knew as Ethan, but from the day when he worked, Ethan always looked out for him like an older brother, showing him the ropes of how live free. When Zeke left home Ethan was the only one he could turn to, Ethan gladly took Zeke in and the two became like brothers to each others. It wasn’t until that Ethan got caught up in some gang debts he had to repay that things got ugly. Ethan would always talk about the days when he was in the gang, he was young and foolish an rushed into it too
Quickly and now he had to pay for it, it wasn’t until Zeke decided to take his place for him as way of saying thanks for all that he did, that things got hard. Zeke often came home exhausted and soon had to quit his job just to make sure they didn’t come after Ethan.

One night Zeke had forgotten to go out to fetch an informant, and he came home to sign of struggle where blood had been spilled on the floor and had painted the walls, he followed the crimson liquid until he came to Ethan who was bleeding from multiple stab wounds. Zeke cried out to Ethan to ask who had did this and he told him that it was the gang coming to repay his old debt for cutting ties with them. As Ethan died, Zeke swore he would get revenge. Ethan gave him one thing before he died, a pendant that he often wore that represented freedom. Zeke went on the become a feared man in the neighborhood after he took his revenge on the gang for what happened with Ethan, he was the big boss and like it, that is until the apocalypse came.

The sky had been quite black that day as he remembered it was snowing, black snow coated the area and as he heard the screams of the damned he knew he was in for a wild time. He pulled out his Vector and Mp5 and went to town on just about any flesh sac that was carving his insides. He scavenged food the first couple weeks as he fortified an old apartment that he and Ethan used to share. He has been trying to out of the city outskirts because there is way too many zombies infesting the area. He recently has been trying to reach Safe Haven, but to no avail.

*!Ability: ( Just something that helps your char out ) Zeke has an acrobatic side to him, he is able jump from the side of walls unto objects adjacent to them. Good skills at reaching higher places, Gun proficiency. Can drive just about anything.

(*!Likes: Big Guns, Blood on his new pants, The smell of gunpowder in the morning, When he squishes the head of a zombie on his Truck, protecting others, Ethan. Getting his hands dirty with his pipe

*!Dislikes: People with bad attitudes, when he tries to help someone and they refuse, when zombies refuse to die, running out of ammo, having to ruin his shirts when fighting.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments ((Gonna start wimpy so I can build. After all, this is just setting up the scenario.))

A lonesome girl hummed softly to herself as she laid on her belly; back arched inwards as she put her eye to a scope. She didn't mind getting dusty. The tarp and blanket under her arms provided enough height for her to sag her shoulders comfortably and still see clearly.

A cold gust blew in from the north, but with a warm old OU hoodie, she didn't even feel a thing. From this view, she could see as far down main street as her brother's hawk-eyes could, and probably even farther.

"kzzzt. Sis, are you ready?"

A flamboyant yellow walkie-talkie buzzed at her with the crackling voice of a boy she knew well. He had set up a nice little present for the pulsing crowd that was coming their way. Moans and groans could be heard as they struggled to come closer to the building; what with so many sandbags, tripwires and barbed fence sitting at a 5-kilometer distance. The girl only smiled as she brought the talkie to her perfectly kept lips; glossed slightly with a coat of lip balm.

"kzzzt. Go get'em, bro."

And with that; there was a spectacular boom.

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments Darkness succumbed to light as an explosion blew outward the nights cold air, it was feint with the smell of death and blood in the air. A smell he was often reminded of on these cold nights. It brought back a strange sense he had only felt one time, the time he had to drag Ethan’s cold body to him as he breathed his last and said his final words. A knot in his stomach, being tied within him as he was forced to relieve the memory of his dear departed friend. He could remember the feeling on blood on his hands, the stains that couldn’t be washed away by time alone, they had forced his hand. It was a hand firmly gripped to a gun with the intent of a bullet to the head of trepidation. He wanted them to repent for what they did, to remind them that you don’t cross “ Zephyr “ no matter what. It had only been three years since everything had happened and this whole apocalypse seemed like one crazy acid trip. He remember the day it happened so clearly, it was November 11, 2011. He was on his way to complete a raid on the local gangs that had been caught stealing in his part of town. He had packing two sub-machinegun and 400 extra rounds attached to the lining of his AX7 jacket. His jet black hair peaked out from the hood of his coat as he walked along the streets he had wandered as a kid. He was on his way to the bus stop when black snow began to fall, it came down slowly as he just stared at it. A scream rang out in the distance as a woman could be seen scrambling from what appeared to be a zombie. Zeke quickly neutralized the threat as he realized people were slowly becoming infect and turning into these bloodthirsty beasts that held no conscious thought. There was no way he could get out of town after the first week. The infection had become so bad that the whole city was in bloom with zombies, even with an armored vehicle the inject on the outer rim of the city was a full out chaotic free-for-all. A mass jungle of beasts that hadn’t even been seen by anyone.

In his spare time, Zeke found that he could classify different types of zombies and a journal for just that, it catalogued the species kind, identification, danger threat, and abilities. For now he could only talk about the general zombie, the common plebian flesh walker.

Entry 1: Lessers

Species: Commonly seen on the streets, these lower class of zombies are the most common one you will encounter. They have no conscious thought and usually are drawn to bright light and loud noises. There hearing is based on vibrations considering in bright lights they are nearly blind and attack based only on sound in that case. They function best in low light conditions, usually travel in packs, but can work solo as well. They can only manage a slight run at best and usually pursue their target until they are killed or your killed. They mainly aren’t a threat, but in large groups they can be a problem. They only die from a shot to head or if their body is cut to ribbons. Bite can be infectious to the normal human, takes a good 2-3 weeks for the sickness to develop though.

Identification: Infected flesh all around body, loud moaning, hungry for flesh.

Danger Threat: Alone: F to D+, In groups: D- to C+

Abilities: Able to withstand minor injuries such as having limbs cut off, average speed, low brains, able to sense through vibrations.

This was all he had for now as he closed the book and went on his way to the site of the explosion. He wondered what could have triggered such a large area detonation, he examined a crater where the earth once stood as he noticed a few strangler zombies had survived, finally a good chance at actions.

“ Alright flesh sores led see how you like a lead shower! “ he yelled as he jumped acrobatically above the zombies, twin machineguns in hands as shots ripped through the Lessers. They could only mutter groans as the 9mm shots tore into their skin and caused them to collapse to the ground, just as Zeke’s heel reach the cement.

“ Boring, they never seem to offer a challenge do they? “ He said as he reloaded his guns beneath the light of a lone lamp post as he checked the site of the explosion.

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments The girl adorned with teal observed from her perch, legs swinging in the air behind her. Her long black hair fell in a curtain over her shoulders as she held the binoculars to her eyes, a perfectly poised smile curving her lips.

"kzzzt. Sis, are you seeing this?" The boy's voice came through the squawking talkie before she picked it up, lazily bringing it closer. Bringing the bulky black lenses away from her face, she could only laugh cheerfully as she replied to her brother.

"kzzzt. Indeed I do... And man, this guy's got talent. First survivor we've seen since Kris, mm?" She replied, standing to stretch on her bare feet; her skinny jeans and tight-fitting graphic tee leaving nothing to the eye's imagination. "kzzzt. I'm going out to meet him." Her gun make an all-too-familiar ratchet noise as a bullet was loaded into the chamber. "Cover me."

And with that, she threw the annoying yellow device over her shoulder and jumped off the top of the two story building. By landing on a pre-prepared pile of mattresses, she leaped off of them, soared over the barrier, then landed perfectly on her feet in the middle of the blast radius. Running a nonchalant hand through her hair to brush aside her bangs, she walked with a confident stride towards where she had seen Zeke, the mystery man, take out the surviving scumbags. He'd be really good to have on our team~ She thought cheerfully, grinning to herself.

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments The light illuminated the dark scene as Zeke held his guns closer to him, the chill was being to get to him and he felt goose bumps on his skin as shivered from the cold. He stood on the edge of the blast radius as he observed the depth of the blast. It would take a lot of explosives to create a blast of this size.

“ Damn, even Ethan didn’t have this much C4 in storage, it must have took some kind of timed demolition to pull this off. “ He speculated as his strong forearm gripped his guns in a attacking stance as he observed a Lesser feeding on one of its one kind, he walked up, careful not to disturb it or give away his presence. He pulled his guns into his side holsters as he carefully removed a batter lead pipe that stood tall and erect as it jutted out from the right side into a battered point. Perfect for stabbing, smashing, or anything to cause blunt trauma to the head.

“ Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, “ He cooed as the Lesser seemed unmoved at his advance. “ It will all be over soon my child. “ He mocked as he stood in golfing position with the pipe acting as the golf club. He taunted the lesser as he brought his two front fingers out to tell the lesser to “ come get sum. “ At that the beast began to leap toward him. Zeke stood calm as he winded his pipe back until….SMACK….blood flew from the ripped off head as it was sent soaring into the sky. A thick trail of crimson pouring out from it until it landed a decent ways away with satisfying thud sound.

“ FOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. “ He shouted with glee over the mockery he had made of the lesser, oh how he did enjoy having his fun with the zombies and showing his somewhat sadistic side. He slid the pipe into its corresponding loop in his belt as he slid of his SMG’s into his palms. He check his surroundings only to find the dead of the night to surround him with the ambient sounds of darkness.

“ Guess they want to keep quiet tonight, let the sorrow of nights play on. “

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments The girl in teal was much closer at this point; a single flickering streetlamp over Zeke's position cluing her in on what was going on. At the sight of him swinging a Lesser's head at him, though, she burst out laughing as she dodged it, whipping her long black hair over her shoulder as she entered the ring of light; her sleeves dampening the sound of her claps.

"Well done. On both of the occasions I got to observe you." She spoke in a soft voice; a large difference in volume as apposed to the outburst that he had voiced earlier. "The name's Tally. And I'm not a Lesser, so you don't need to draw your pipe, good sir." She giggled politely, her hands clasped behind her back. Meeting on a night like this, where there was no moon in the sky and the clouds obscured the stars; where the buildings around were hollow and only amplified the sound of the lone blowing wind; it was mysterious and honestly kind of creepy. But she didn't mind. That's what Tanya did best, especially when she was little.

She could feel that there weren't any zombies close by, but they were oncoming, and fast. "Judging by how you experienced the blast of my bro's bomb and didn't completely shit your pants, I'm going to assume that you're pretty cool." Tanya said smoothly, crossing her arms as she stood about a yard or two away from him. "And since you're pretty cool," She extended a hand with perfectly manicured fingernails, "I'm officially inviting you to my place."

It was a bold offer for a girl of her stature, a good three inches shorter than the man, to offer this stranger an open door right into her home, but if it meant having more fire power and tactical resources, she was willing to take the chance that he was a crazy.

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments Zeke listened as the wind blew against his hair causing it flutter in the breeze. Nights like this reminded him of the lonely days he had spent as kid on these very streets, the days where he would have steal food from people just to survive. That was until he had met Ethan, he felt isolated from the rest of the world. Ethan opened his eyes to so many new things and for that he thanked him. The guy would have done everything for Zeke; he gave everything and more so that Zeke could survive. He sure as hell was going to let some stupid apocalyptic plague take him down. That’s for sure.

The clasps of circular light flickered under the unwavering assault of the night, he stood on the very edge of it, he stood on the edge of it all. So close to losing what he has, but so close to ending what he started. The thoughts were interrupted by the clapping of a women for appeared behind him. He turned around and drew him pipe and changed into a defensive stance. You really couldn’t trust people nowadays, they act like they are doing something nice and the next thing you know you have a bullet lodged in your skull by your own gun. Not a really pleasant thought. Zeke could only smile at the girl as she told him to let down his guard for her. Granted she was pretty, but looks could be deceiving especially when that person is holding a sniper rifle to your head. He observed that the woman had long raven hair that flowed behind her, a teal appearance suited her just fine as he extended her hand to him.

“You really expect me to just accept the words of strange I don’t even know? “ He asked with a partial condense, “ Why would ever would I ever join up with some kid? This isn’t a game, it’s survival of the fitness and I can’t have someone’s dead weight on my shoulders. “ He hissed with every word laced with acidity quality. He knew the words stung but they were the truth and he truthful he didn’t want to be responsible for the death of another person. He didn’t want to relive want happened with Ethan, he feared he would get to close to this girl and hurt her in the process. He smacked her hand away as he brought his SMG’s to his side.

“ Sorry but I need to worry about my own survival, maybe if you could prove to me you’re worth it I’ll reconsider. “ He said as he slowly backed away from the ring of light.

( gotta stir up some drama : ) )

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments ((Oh boy :P Btw, Anastasia is waiting for her dark knight... Unless I missed a post??))

Tally brushed aside his rejection with a mere flick of her wrist. "Considering that my bro and I wiped out an entire horde of Lessers and a Tank just three minutes ago, I'd say I proved myself right there." She replied, sharp grey eyes flicking up to meet his. "And on top of that--" Quickly, without even taking the time to blink, she whipped out her Desert Eagle; cleanly nailing two Lessers through the forehead who had just been about to pounce on Zeke from behind. "I'm a fairly good shot," She winked, taking her free hand to adorn one of her knuckle knives and shank another oncoming zombie through the temple; yanking the blade out just as soon as it had punctured through the flesh. "And I hate being back-stabbed."

A slightly giddy feeling had started stirring in her chest ever since she laid eyes on the stranger. Guys who fought against her advances always made her feel an odd rush. It was the impulse, the need to show her dominance. Call it a force of habit from all the times she kicked boys' asses in school competitions in elementary school, but it was something that had been imprinted to her before she could do anything about it. Her comfy life with her parents had birthed the want for wild guys that rebelled against being goody-two-shoes. She had always wanted to live on the streets and fight for survival... And whoever this stranger was, he fit the bill perfectly.

Turning back to Zeke, she offered the most innocent smile one could show. "I'm here to help. And seeing as you have no reason to trust me, I guess my case isn't so appealing, huh?" Tanya grinned. "But that's okay. I'm sure that you'll grow to like me after we get to know each other. Or, after you check out my fighting style, since we're surrounded." Lessers were always attracted to sound. Even though Tanya's voice had been low the entire time, the addition of artificial light was practically a homing signal for all residential zombies that hadn't been blown to smithereens.

In her past, Tanya had been pretty violent. She beat her parents into submission (metaphorically) after she refused to stop "getting her way" at school, and quickly assumed a legacy that no reasonable person wanted to stand up to. When someone challenged her, she rather effectively scared them off by merely baring her fangs. Her pain tolerance had been self-raised from jumping out of trees and getting into fights, and even emotional pain had been dulled over the years as people called her names and whispered behind her back. Even betrayal didn't hurt that much; since most everyone was distanced. Aside from her brother, of course.


Meanwhile, back at the base, Oliver sat in a Lay-Z-Boy recliner with his eyes open, staring at the ceiling. "...Tally's taking too long." He sighed, raising his wrist into his eye-sight to check the time. "Twenty minutes until I send a flare." He reassured himself, shaking out his arm to straighten his sleeve before re-clasping his hands over his stomach; his legs propped up on the extended foot rest. So sure about his plan, Oliver rested in the silence of the empty building; nothing but incensed candles and the bare necessities providing light around the large, empty building. He had picked the stake-out location... But Tally got to make all the calls on everything else. Even recruitment. A small sigh full of anxiety escaped the teen's frame. Whenever she dives head first, she always smashes her head into something or another...

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments Zeke scanned the background with a piercing glare as the women merely shrugged off his rejection. She would rather try and assert her dominance to him and attempt to intimidate him into succumbing to his will. He was not so weak willed to fall to such methods, rather he just chuckled at the thought of it. His past memories flooded into him as he relieved the teaching of Ethan. Always he would tell him that you need to stand up for what you believe in, without faith you lose purpose in your life and you become nothing more then a ghost of your former self. Ethan would say that his faith rested in his belief that his whole life he was just waiting for that one thing to give him a sense of meaning. Zeke often wondered if maybe there was something in life he could aspire to, perhaps he would find that object or person to give him a sense of meaning. This woman was interesting to say the least, but she had his own moral he needed to keep straight in his life. The promise of woman he found intriguing with a cause for his concern did seem like a tempting bait for him to take, but he had more pressing matters inking in his mind.

“ You make it seem like you do it everyday, “ he chanted casually as he began to strafe around her “ I’m sure you have the skills, but I’m not so sure you possess the mentality. You see to survive, one needs to be self engulfed in protecting what means the most to you. For me that mean preserving the memory of my best friend, he taught me that no matter what we are all connected; he still lives in me. I know my friend lives on in me and that is my purpose to survive this hell, but you I’m not sure you have that will to keep going. Granted you seem like a strong girl and with no doubt you have experienced skills with firearms, but I’ve been hardened through my experiences to the point where I’ll do what I have to do regardless of anything else. “ He finished affirmatively as the woman blasted too zombies that had snuck up from behind him. He knew as child he had been instilled with a instinct that had caused him to be very cold towards others advances at him. It took a very forceful will to make him bend, and perhaps maybe this girl possessed this will as she told him that he would learn to accept her. She rushed things too much; he supposed as he merely laughed it off seeing the horde of zombies. He heard the satisfying click of the of the lock as the new magazine slid into place. He smiled, this was going to be fun.

“ Stay close, this could get messy. “ He said hidden within his smirk as he began to kick up a tsunami of bullet spread over the crowd of the meat bags. It pulled at their flesh and tore through small holes as they cried out in agony, Zeke jumped onto the top of the light post as he sent a volley of burst in every direction towards to the horde as the final burst was launched from a midair position that Zeke had shifted to as he sent his arms and torso spinning in every direction. He smashed the two SMG’s into his pocket as he took out his pipe and pointed the sharp side to his back.

“ It’s time you marrow maggots learned what it means to receive “ head trauma “, He said as he began to beat the Lessers using the dull edge of his pipe. The blood smeared the walls and the ground he used the sharp edge to impale their heads and then use that head to bash the body of another Lesser. It was bloody, sadistic fun.

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☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments Tanya only grinned with glee as the proposal of a fight was offered. She had seen his type only once before; a stone wall that didn't want to break. But she had a riding crop that was relentless and could eventually crumble anything that got in her way; so she wasn't worried. In fact, she was actually looking forwards to getting to know this stranger. His fiery glare and tempered attitude was every bit of exciting that she looked for in a personality. Was it chance? She had no idea... But it was good enough, considering she had better things to ponder from day to day. "Sink your teeth into this one, bad boy." She laughed, adorning her other shank before ducking, spinning on her toes and sending a sharp metal blade straight through the jaw of a Lesser and burying it deep in his brain. "I ain't got time for these appetizers anyway." With the reflexes of a cat, she threw the now limp body towards another oncoming Lesser; freeing her blade and giving her enough momentum to dance back into the center of the light. She didn't have a sub-machine gun like what Zeke had pulled out, but she could hold her own. "By the way, if you put a bullet in me, I'm gonna put a hole in you, too~" She warned him cheerfully, her eyes darting around for the next target. "And I promise I'll make it hurt like hell."

With that, she didn't say another word; her mind completely switching to berserk mode as the blood got to her head. The smell of rotting flesh and oxidizing iron was enough to make her crazy, but the added sounds of groaning and the thuds of sacks of meat hitting the ground made her almost insane with the instinct to lash out and kill the nearest living (or unliving) thing. Her violent tenancies had always been hard to control; and she was highly susceptible to outward influence. Her parents had many a time tried to ship her to a mental ward, but she always refused. As opposed to what Zeke had said, she had her fair share of experiences. Maybe it wasn't the street life, and maybe it wasn't as hard as whatever he had been through; but she was damn sure that she had one thing to stay strong for. And she'd always been ready to kill for him.

Caught up in the moment, Tanya was too lost in her dance of death to be able to be aware of anything else. All conscious thought had been wiped from her brain as she was half-reduced to an animal; much like the zombies. All she could "think" about was how to duck, spin, slash. Avoiding and counter-attacking was the only thing that mattered at the moment. After all; she had a little brother to get back alive to.

A lopsided, kind of out-of-place smirk was poised on Tanya's lips. Her grey eyes were no longer sharp or focused; but hazy like a fogged mirror. They moved to inspect the surroundings; but nothing registered... Just the pale flesh of the zombies and the scarlet color of freshly spilled life.

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Insomnium * The Chaos that Silences * (ThatguyintheRiver) | 111 comments The girl possessed a fire burning in her heart that showed in her fighting, even if it was born of a blind rage it still showed in her personality. From his high perch he could watch as the chaos unfurled, like a graceful dancer; her moves were calculated to perfection as a fury of metal and death washed unto the streets. “ Well aren’t we just a little sadistic now?! “ He screamed over the gunfire as the bullets burst from the muzzle, bullets dropped like the rain as they hit the concert. They played to the symphony of destruction, like some twisted dark dance that they both seemed to be intertwined to. She had told him if he tried anything she would gladly return the favor to which he replied, “ Oh trust me if I tried to do anything it would end ether so fast you wouldn’t feel it or so slow that you feel it for the rest of you life. You haven’t hell….yet, “ he whispered as they both laid away from each other. The very outskirts of the circle of light that flickered ominous under the strife of the night, he bore a small smirk on his face as he could hear Tanya breathing, the rhythmic beating of her heart and his. He began to turn to face her; clapping his hands together as he wiped the blood off his jacket

“ Well, that was quite a show you provide me. Your dance of destruction was quite beautiful. The carnage, the bloodlust, the omnicide. Simply poetry in motion. Although you need to control your impulses better, rage can blind true power and in doing so you become no better then the zombies you kill. “ He said as he offered her his hand in gratitude to the girl. He realized that this woman was a worthy companion; someone who could hold their own in a confrontation with the orthodox walking dead. It also would be nice to have someone just to talk to when the night arrived and the lonely calls of the wolfs would signal his wandering thoughts of his solitude. He often forgot what it was like to be in the company of another person. Ever since Ethan died something inside him was just cold to the world and everything around him, but now he had someone else to be with.

“ I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of knowing your name. You can call me Zephyr or Zeke. “ He said as he jumped high above her head,; as he unearthed the shotgun that rested on his back bone to deliver a skull splitting shell to the head of a remaining Tank who withstood the first shot. Zeke then jammed the muzzle of the gun into the crack of the Tank’s forehead as he clicked the trigger he could hear the Tank heads pop into a fountain of blood that rained over him as he reload the two shots he wasted.

“ Nice to meet you. “

☆Lily *Aria* Sokai☆ (lilysokai) | 656 comments "...Zephyr, huh...?" Tanya spoke quietly, coming back from her animalistic fury. When the fighting had ended, something in her had felt disappointed that it was already over; but her clothes were well soiled by this point, and the stench of rotting corpses was actually starting to make her dizzy. Wiping her bloody knuckle shanks on the clothes of a dead Lesser; she tucked them neatly back into the sheaths on her thighs, turning to face Zeke with a renewed look of vigor. The rush of killing always gave her adrenaline a new burst of energy; and afterwards it was almost like coming down from being high. The edges of her vision had been tinged with the blood she had spilled; and honestly, to her, it was like she was in heaven... A bloody, hell-like heaven, that is. Oliver was the only person who had ever seen this terrible side of her, but he had accepted her despite everything she had ever done. And now, this man had seen her... And was even praising her for it. The grin on her face only widened at his entourage of adjectives and metaphors that described what they had just went through. She took his words with grace, only crossing blood stained arms over her chest as she stepped towards him; walking towards the center of the flickering circle that served as a spotlight. She arrived too late to shake his hand; but laughed lightly when the Tank's head showered the iron rain. She only needed one word to address what all this was.


Life had become a movie to her; with she and Oliver being the main focus of interest. But now, with the addition of Zeke, it was suddenly gaining so much flavor that she just wanted to take a nice, hearty bite of it all. But, for now, she had to remain somewhat composed. After all, it was like she had predicted... Zeke was joining them after he had seen her fight. Something about her style even enticed Tanya herself; and the one time she had seen a video of herself fighting, she couldn't stop re-watching. It was almost exquisite. With a smile, she brushed her long black hair aside, watching as he dismounted from the zombie's falling body. "The name's Tanya. But I go by Tally every once in a while. And trust me, the pleasure is all mine." Her voice had somewhat of a purr in it; the night making her statement all the more mysterious.

"Since we've teamed up, as it is," She started, examining her nails as she spoke, "I'll have to reassert myself yet again. Hope you don't mind." A small giggle escaped, but she didn't linger. "You'll be living with me in the department store down on main street. It's stocked with everything we'll need to survive, and I've already camped out there for a good month or so. Unless your location is better?" She offered, wanting to evaluate how useful his resources could be. It was dangerous to show your cards to your allies before you knew what their motives were; but the man hadn't let her die or shot her when they were fighting, so she had a good feeling about him. Plus, he seemed to have enough reasoning to judge that it was a good idea to stick together with others rather than fending for yourself. More firepower meant a higher chance of surviving, after all.

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