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message 1: by Goldie (new)

Goldie Browning | 9 comments I recently changed publishers, have a new cover and new ISBN. I want to combine the two, but when I try to do it, it tells me I have to be a Librarian. I just applied last night. Does it take a while to be approved and given this ability? Also, I have a number of reviews on the older book, but it is no longer available for purchase, so I want the new book to show up for purchase and keep the reviews. Is that possible? Thanks!

message 2: by willaful (new)

willaful After the books are combined, all the reviews will apply to all editions, but the edition that shows up first is the one that has been added most often. This tends to be self-perpetuating, unfortunately, because people often add the first dition that comes up. If you have any GR friends, you could ask them to switch editions, so the new one has a better chance of showing up first.

I don't think the edition that shows up will affect the purchasing ability from GoodReads.

message 3: by willaful (new)

willaful BTW, you can post the book info here and one of us will combine it for you, while you're waiting to be approved.

message 4: by Goldie (new)

Goldie Browning | 9 comments Oh, thank you. It's NIGHT JOURNEY by Goldie Browning. The newest one, obviously, is the gray colored one and the brown cover is the older. I hope some of you will add it to your to be read list. Thanks!

message 5: by willaful (new)

willaful Okay, combined.

message 6: by Goldie (new)

Goldie Browning | 9 comments Thank you so much!

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