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A Study in Sherlock (Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon, #1)
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Joanna (foxwrapped) | 353 comments I know this isn't one of our reads (yet, maybe) but it is recently released. Has anyone picked it up yet? I've read mixed reviews on it.

Also, Laurie R. King will be making appearances in Arizona and Los Angeles very soon if you are in the area.

November 19th at 6:00 pm: Poisoned Pen Books, Scottsdale, AZ
A group signing for A Study in Sherlock
With Les Klinger, Dana Stabenow, Jan Burke, Tom Perry, and possibly others.

November 20th at 3 PM: Vroman’s, Los Angeles, CA
A group signing for A Study in Sherlock

I will be going to the Vroman's singing if anyone is interested in meeting up!

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David Elkin | 63 comments I haven't read the book but I do love Laurie King. Scottsdale is 9 hours away, a little far to drive but I sure would make it if I live in Phoenix, maybe even within 50 miles.

Matt (always1895) | 41 comments King & Klinger's A Study in Sherlock is best thought of as a collection of "Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon" - which is also appropriately the subtitle of the book. Obviously, all pastiches (by definition) are stories inspired (to one extent or another) by the canon of Sherlock Holmes, but these particular stories vary radically in form, tone, time period and approach from each other while all channeling elements of The Canon. K & K took some serious curatorial risks but ultimately succeeded in putting together a collection of stories which entertain and amuse but also challenge the reader's expectations of what Sherlockian pastiche qua genre is and can be. Though the quality of the stories vary from excellent to good (there are no stinkers in this one), each one excels at inviting/daring/tricking the reader into re-interpreting the essence of a 'Holmes story'. Klinger and King have put together a unique and groundbreaking collection of pastiches that is essential for every Holmes library.

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David Elkin | 63 comments Congrats to Neil Gaiman on his Edgar nomination.

He said on his blog "And I learned on Monday morning I was nominated for an Edgar Award, by the Mystery Writers of America, for my story "The Case of Death and Honey". I don't write many mysteries, and I've never been nominated for an Edgar Award before. So I was thrilled. (The story, from A Study in Sherlock, isn't online, but you can read about it here.)"

Salvadesswaran (salva) I was disappointed. This collection didn't satiate my expectations. However they are good on their own, and do not warrant the criticism received from some reviewers.

Joanna (foxwrapped) | 353 comments I just began this a few days ago, and I am really enjoying it! I like that some stories aren't straight pastiches. Right now I am on the Gaiman one.

Amber I enjoyed this book some of the stories were very well written others were okay. I thought Laurie King had a story in it that is why I picked it up to begin with because I love her writting. I would recomend this book to someone who liked Sherlock Holmes.

C.O. Bonham (dolphin18cb) | 54 comments I loved this collection. I think that my favorite story was second one "As to 'an exact knowledge of London.'" I loved the cabby going off on "A Study in Pink" It makes me wonder if Sherlock really did effect the London cab business. Though the ending of that story was a little far fetched It was also good in it's own way.

Joanna (foxwrapped) | 353 comments I finished this collection a week or so ago. I think it has the same problem that plagues a lot of short story collections; some stories you like, some you don't. My favorite one was Neil Gaiman's, but I'm a fan of his work generally so I'm not surprised. After that one, my favorite was Dana Stabenow's Native Alaskan take on the Greek Interpreter. I really didn't like the comic. Not my sense of humor at all.

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