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message 1: by Melinda (new)

Melinda (melindaparmer) | 123 comments I haven't read anything by Evanovich, but I think I'd like to read One for the Money in advance of the movie (the trailer looks great!). What I can't decide is: read or listen? The reviews on Audible are mixed for narrator CJ Critt - the sample sounded pretty good.

My question: any opinions re read v listen?

message 2: by ~KarenH~ (new)

~KarenH~ | 36 comments I thoroughly enjoyed the audio versions of the whole series, and thought CJ Critt did a great job on the first several books. When the narrator changed (around book 5 or 6 I think) to Lorelei King, it took some getting used to, and at first I didn't really like her - her portrayal of Stephanie seemed way too smooth and mellow. She's grown on me and I enjoy her narrations now, and it's been years since I listened to the earlier books with CJ Critt so I couldn't even say which I prefer.

message 3: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 152 comments Lori Petty, the actress, did an abridged version of the first 3 books that was excellent. Her voice totally fitted with how I imagined Stephanie.

message 4: by ~KarenH~ (last edited Nov 12, 2011 09:49AM) (new)

~KarenH~ | 36 comments Lori Petty was just so-so for me, not because she didn't do a good job, but probably more likely because I'd already heard CJ Critt do the first one (I listened to the abridged versions of books 2 and 3) so I already had a voice in mind that worked for me. I would recommend getting the unabridged versions whenever possible though, because it seemed to me that the abridgments themselves were not done very well - too many places where stuff was left out that was referred to later, so you're left going "huh???"

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