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Where does it come from?

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Rhi Etzweiler (rhianonetzweiler) | 255 comments Mod
Any questions about writer process and related subjects? Ask away!

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Rhi Etzweiler (rhianonetzweiler) | 255 comments Mod
Feel free to quote me. :) I can't recall exactly when that one cropped up. I think it was during a discussion of genre labels for BTB. I abhor attempting to put my own writing into boxes, about as much as I do writing a synopsis or book blurb. The latter are getting easier, but the former only gets more difficult.

There's a dual facet to it: you can find quality writing anywhere -- someone asked me what genre I liked to read, I don't care what genre it is, I just want to read quality writing; the other half of it is that most stories that are well written, are well rounded, demonstrating aspects of a variety of genres. Sometimes so many that it's impossible to truly box them into a single one.

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