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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
In a recent article in the business section of the Plain Dealer,"pretty people" make more money, do better in life and are treated better overall. A study that started in the 90's and has been conducted for 20 years or so, "Beauty Pays" has just been released by Daniel Hamermesh.

This was a world wide study to see how good looking people are treated and how they live. They are more likely to be happier, face less discrimination, make more money and even get bank loans with lower interest rates. Good looking employees even seem to be more productive, have higher sales and have higher profit shares. Education also played a part in this as well.

We needed a 20 year study to tell us this?

I read a study years ago that said obese people have a lower college graduation rate than other body types. Due to bullying,lack of ease of getting around campuses and the like, obese people may start college, but few go all the way. Any one who has applied for a front desk job and was qualified,but lost out to a "pretty person" will know that this study is true.

No, I am not saying that fat people are stupid or ugly. What I am saying is that the world around us has been designed to perpetrate this idea. People were considered good looking for this study if their faces were symmetrical. Facial structures of CEO's are being studied as well to see if people in power have a certain "look".

So,does this mean we all need to have plastic surgery?


I think part of this comes from the primal checklist of what makes a good mate and some of it is Madison Ave. and their assault on us every second of what beauty is.

To me, this study is valid to a point. Yes, we have all seen the pretty skinny reporter do a segment on this, with either donning make-up and a wig to alter her features or wearing a fat suit to show how fat people are treated. Nothing changes overnight, and the people who need to hear those messages rarely change how they see the world. But everyone's idea of beauty is different. (We all know the proverb) So, does this change from culture to culture?

The article did not say, but I am curious. If this study were done pre-Victorian preferences, who would have women rated then? Men? How would beauty be rated in Africa, India, and China compared to here? Are we all the same because we are human or does this notion that good looking doing well is only native to the U.S.?

This study may be true,but it is flawed at the same time (see proverb). One person's ugly is somebody else's pretty. I think it is time we stop seeing fat, short, tall, thin, and see a person. Are you qualified for the job? Have good references? Good fit to the company? Then you should be hired based on that and paid accordingly.


Looks should not be the basis for pay, treatment, or happiness.

Life is what you make it, so make it a good one.

message 2: by Kim, Proud Queen of the Fat and Fabulous! (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
In an op-ed column in today's paper, Regina Brett talked about a new Dove commercial that is on Youtube. Look for real beauty sketches or go to to see the commercial. I was in tears by the end. The idea is that we are all more beautiful than we think. That's the tag line. Now, all of the women were brought in and sat with forensic sketch artist who could not see them. He asked general questions about how they would describe themselves and sketched them based on those answers. A second person was brought in to describe the woman sketched and they were asked general questions about that woman and a sketch was created. The women were shown side by side the sketches. Each woman's self description was unflattering and looked nothing like the sketches provided by those who had described them to the artist.

This ad has come under fire for emphasizing facial beauty,but the point is lost on the critics. We do see a face first,then the rest of the person. If we see ourselves as something less, then we ACT like it, we cover up, we see only flaws,we do not see ourselves for who we are and what we are capable of, we just see what is not there, and that is wrong. Yes, Dove is trying to sell soap, and body washes, but they are doing something extraordinary at the same time. They are not trying to tell you that using their product will make you beautiful, just that you are beautiful as you are,just by being you.

That is a wonderful thing. Being you.

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