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His hideout has a passage way to hell. Its how demons get in and out.

Michelle Herondale | 1185 comments Alex walked into his place looking back to see if both of them were following. He lead them into one of the spare rooms, and opened the closet door. He pushed a bunch of random clothes to the side and pulled open a trap door there was on the floor, and he hoped in. "Come on now" his voice echoed from the hole where there was an spiral staircase made of stone.

(( okay how are we gonna do the rest?))

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) ((rest of Fallen?))

Kevin and Fairy looked at each other. "You fist man." Fiary said and kevin went down the steps with Fairy right behide him. They could feel the heat and smelled the stench of death as they grew closer.
"Oh, yuck. Doesnt he ever clean?" Fairy said

Michelle Herondale | 1185 comments As they decended the heat grew stronger, and so did the stench. Alex didnt really mind it because it was the smell of home to him. He finally reached the bottom, and he looked up waiting for both of them. "Your father will be happy to see you" He said to Kevin.

((no I ment the hell LOL... but we can just post it on here))

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) "Yeah, Yeah" Kevin said toching the ground and turing around to help Fairy. "Woah" Fairy said. "Havent been here before in awhile. Kevin rested his elbow on Fairy's shoulder as they walked. Kevin stopped short. "What is it" Fairy asked.
"My dads castel. He has the blue flames going. He's waiting for me." Kevin rolled his.

(( we can post it here or make a new page for it))

Michelle Herondale | 1185 comments ((Lets make a new page for it. Let say after the bottom of the staircase its a new thread Ill make it))

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Jessie! (BookWormForever645) ((kk))

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