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which book did you like best out of the series?

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hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! i liked the fith book

message 2: by Kian (new)

Kian Tadjbakhsh Mabye the fifth book too

Vincent Tam Fifth.

hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! well since im reading the sixth book im am starting to like the sixth book better the fith book and the 7th book is comming out this march and i assume it would probably be better the than the sixth book but i havent read it of course so i dont really know

John I cant wait till the world book day one comes out

Natalie Feeling a little out of place here but i loved the 1st because i literally laughed out loud (on many occasions). Val was more relatable back then. The other books are still just as great for me. Skulduggery Pleasant: Speptre of the ancients, was the book that blew me away.

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May Sixth

hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! I changed my mind i like the sixth book:)

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Kian Tadjbakhsh Last one!

message 10: by Jack (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jack Second.

Charlie I love all of them so far but now is too soon to really decide because we still have 2 more to come out, can't wait!!
But so far my favourite one is Death Bringer because of the feud between Fletcher and Caelen over Valkyrie. And I think that Skul and Val should have danced at the requim Ball.

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Yeah me too Rowena!

Kasatara The First book because with out it there would no others. :D

Fonni  Sinder Okay, well I love the entire series so much, but I still liked mortal coil, and death bringer I think the most. But the decision is practically impossible. And would also like to add how I hated caelan from the start and Valkyrie made the mistake of her life breaking up with fletcher and she should acknowledge it.

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there is no point to say an opinion if not all the books came out, but so far i like kingdom of the wicked the most.

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