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A.F. (scribe77) | 1779 comments Mod
Here is the entire story created from the combined effort of everyone who participated in the Spookfest Continue the Story fun. I did a bit of minor editing for typos and logic, plus I added an ending and title, but the rest is left as written.

The Key

In the black shadows of the hall something moved forward... creepy and slow, as to instill heart-stopping terror. A soft murmuring sound accompanied it, like the plea of a small wounded animal and the soft patter of liquid dripping to the cold floor.
In the umbra of a single flickering candle, the shadow coalesced into a shuffling, hunched figure. The figure limped slowly towards a closed door at the end of the corridor, paused momentarily, then knocked loudly on the oak door with a gnarled blood-stained fist.
Silence; if anything heard him it didn't answer.
The figure shrugged, and then blew the doors apart with a muttered word of power. The room was filled with old, dust covered books stacked in uneven piles around a lone, mahogany desk cluttered with papers. He stepped to the desk and laughed grimly. Here, then, was the key. Finally, after an age of searching, he had found the means to extract his vengeance.
He reached an eager hand to pick it up, then screamed. The key dripped with blood, the ever flowing reminder of its revenge fueled legacy. He felt the wrath of countless people before him flow through his veins.

Meanwhile Maggie, one leg over the window sill and the other hanging outside, stopped cold when she heard the scream coming from the room where she'd hidden the key. Glancing back into the room, Maggie saw a malformed nightmare of a creature standing near the desk, the Blood Key grasped in its spindly fingers.
Her breath congealed to mist before her eyes, thick as night, malodorous as the grave. Then suddenly the creature held the key high above its head, and laughing loudly, he headed for her.
Maggie reacted without thinking; one second she was clinging to the window, the next she was in the room, face-to-face with the creature. The key dripped blood between them, rivers that flowed into writing on the floor.
"You can handle a magical artifact but can't spell?" Maggie asked, after a pause to figure it out.
The creature advanced on Maggie, it's claws dripping blood, it's sharp fangs bared, it's red eyes radiating an evil glow. Maggie backed into the wall.
"You can't hurt me," Maggie challenged. "You haven't the power. I will destroy you and all of your kind!"
The creature growled menacingly, its serpentine tongue forking out to lick Maggie's face. Though she felt like crouching in fear, she reached for the creatures tongue with her left hand and gripped the knife she had hidden behind her back, squeezing, twisting and swinging in one swift motion.
She sliced its throat as its teeth closed down on her hand. Maggie howled in pain as the creature next sank its teeth into her eyeball, popping it with a wet squirting sound. The veins of her eyeball swirled out onto her cheek and she let out a high shrill. Maggie tried to scoop up her eyeball and put it back in, but alas, it wasn't to be. The creature lifted Maggie up to the ceiling, and then threw her out the 4th story window.
As she began to tumble she shifted forms, into something long and sleek. With a powerful thumping "WHOOOSH" her wings caught air just before she impacted the moonlit cobbled street.
From somewhere down the block a woman screamed.
"That was way too close," Maggie thought as she winged through the night sky. "Next time, I better make a plan."
Swooping low, Maggie settled on the branch of an old oak. A second later, she had returned to her human form and lowered herself slowly to the pavement, naked, bleeding and shaken ... but alive. The empty socket it her face still pained her greatly, but she gnashed her teeth and darted into the darkness anyway.
"Got to find the Doc," she thought. "He can fix this." But would he fix it without the key?
The Doc had gotten her into this mess; sent her on this wild-goose chase in the first place. He'd never mentioned there would be a God-damn spirit-walker waiting for her. So, key or no key, he was going to have to make this right. Doc would pay dearly for what he had set in motion. She would see to that personally. After he repaired her wounds, that is.
Maggie set out into the darkness, her heart boiling with anger, her mind afire with rage, her wounds pulsing to the beat of her heart. Tonight would be the night of all nights.
In a quaint, white-washed bungalow surrounded by a picket fence a lace curtain heavy with dust twitched away from the open window and the doctor peered outside.
"I'm ready for you, Maggie. You may think you hold all the power, but I am going to show you what real power is!" the Doctor said.
A green luminous lightning bolt shattered the sky and struck Maggie in the chest. Her body shuddered and crumbled to fine powder. The front door of the bungalow opened and a wizened old man stepped out onto the front step. He waved his hand and a gust of wind scattered the pulverized pieces of Maggie into the trees.
The old man sighed. “Another failure. I was so hoping she’d be the one to protect the key. No matter, I’m sure I can summon another fool willing to steal back my Blood Key before those spirit-walkers kill me with it.”
Still muttering to himself, the Doctor wandered back into his house to find his spell book.

message 2: by Sheila (new)

Sheila | 97 comments Nicely done. This was fun.

message 3: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Watkins (barbarawatkins) | 19 comments I agree with Kyle - great dialogue - chilling story!

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisalef) | 2 comments Spooky.... I especially liked the part...."the creature next sank its teeth into her eyeball, popping it with a wet squirting sound". Well done!

message 5: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Steele | 1 comments What a great idea! I'll definitely get in on the next 'group-writing- event!

message 6: by Tara (new)

Tara Lain (goodreadscomtara_lain) | 24 comments This was fun. I was one of the real early ones so it's fun to see what happened. The squishing eyeball! Yikes. Beware of old men with keys. : )

message 7: by Anna (new)

Anna Wadlow (awadlow42) | 9 comments That's great. It was the first group writing I have been involved with. I also like the eye popping part.

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