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Who is your favorite character in SLAYERS?

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Shelby (shelbysshelf) Mine would have to be either Tori, Jesse (after a while) or Bess.

Who's yours?

Janette | 1 comments Tori is my favorite character, (or maybe Bess) but I'm torn as whether she should end up with Jesse or Dirk. I probably should decide that at some point . . .

Cassandra | 2 comments Tori and Dirk.

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Shelby (shelbysshelf) I like Tori/Jesse as a pairing, but I feel bad for Dirk...

Cassandra | 2 comments I like Tori and Dirk as a paring more. There is just more to the guy.

Lulu (The Bookworm is Here!) (LuluTheBookworm) | 1 comments Shelby wrote: "Mine would have to be either Tori, Jesse (after a while) or Bess.

Who's yours?"
I love Bess but I really - really - want to know more about Ryker (I LOVE that name!) I think Tori should definitely end up with Jesse because he's awesome :) I feel bad for Dirk though :/

Ariella Mendez (mendezariella) | 1 comments nope sorry she WILL end up with dirk because obviously they are both dragon lords and lord people thingys belong together :)

Reagan | 2 comments I think that Tori will end up with Dirk, and it is going to be great. Sorry Jesse-you're going to have to find someone else. But my favorite character is either Tori, Dirk, or Ryker. I love that name! I am so excited to see what happens! I read the book in less than a day!

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