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What happens if there is no blood?

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Janine Ok, this is wierd question, but what happen to vampires from twilight if they get no blood? Other vampires in literature and tv/movies dry up and either wait to be resurrected when they do eventually get blood or they stay in the dessicated state if they never find blood, but they never die from a lack of blood. So what happens to twilight vampires?

AlbertaJenn They get sick and weak. SM talks about it in New Moon, when Edward is describing how Carlisle was changed. Carlisle stayed away from people, and grew weaker.

If he hadn't found the deer, it isn't clear if he would have entered a catatonic state or not. It could be a second way to kill a vampire: starvation (as well as tearing them apart).

Hannah All the Vampires would probally die, and the Humans won't have to worry about being killed by a vampire,though if all the humans die and all the animals die than there is no blood.

Lindis Russell Carlisle Cullen is probably the strongest, thing, human/vampire/animal on the earth. Becuause I think that in reality (yeah, ha ha I know) if a vampire would quit drinking blood the thirst would keep getting stronger and stronger. Until nature would just take over and they'd attack the first thing that had blood in it that came along, human or animal.

Janine I do remember reading in Twilight, that Carlisle does get weak when he's changed at first because he would not feed until the thirst eventually overwhelms him and he feeds. I also remember that Bella asks Edward if starvation would kill a vampire and he doesn't really give a valid answer.
"When he knew what he had become," Edward said quietly, "he rebelled against it. He
tried to destroy himself. But that's not easily done."
"How?" I didn't mean to say it aloud, but the word broke through my shock.
"He jumped from great heights," Edward told me, his voice impassive. "He tried to
drown himself in the ocean… but he was young to the new life, and very strong. It is
amazing that he was able to resist… feeding… while he was still so new. The instinct is
more powerful then, it takes over everything. But he was so repelled by himself that he
had the strength to try to kill himself with starvation."
"Is that possible?" My voice was faint.
"No, there are very few ways we can be killed."
I opened my mouth to ask, but he spoke before I could.

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