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adam (adamthompson_) | 19 comments Mod
Charries for this RP here.

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Tatum | 20 comments Name:Esprit(Pronounced: s-Pree)
Appearance: [image error]
History:Esprit has always been a quiet kid, she's a loner. Esprit usually kept to herself and got straight A's in school, except for in PE. In PE she got D's. Her dad is the mayor so she doesn't live in poverty or anything. No one really pays attention to her but she has a few close friends.
Survival Skills:She's from district 3...So she's good with explosives and computers. Also she is fast, really fast. Also Esprit is flexible and a quick thinker. She thinks strategically different than other people so that's sort of an advantage.
Are they career?Not really...She never showed Athleticism in school or anywhere so no one knows she has skill.

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Tatum | 20 comments Oh and If anyone needs to know-Here is a list of the districts and what they do.
District 1-Luxury Goods, mainly for the Capitol
District 2-Stone mining
District 3-Electronics and Explosives
District 4-Seafood!!
District 5-Livestock
District 6-Scientific Research
District 7-Lumber and Paper Products
Ditrict 8-textiles(Woven cloths)
District 9-Hunters
District 10-Agriculture and sometimes Livestock
District 11-Crops and Produce...<3 ya Rue!!
District 12-Mining and coal

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