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The Sense of an Ending
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Keshia (kesizzle) | 6 comments Wow! I haven't read this up to that revelation yet but it makes sense for Veronica's mother to have Adrian's diary. Then perhaps his suicide is just like the one of the boy at school (can't remember his name off hand)

I didn't like any of the characters to begin with. I thought Tony was too laid back, but reading his letter to Adrian and Veronica really made me like him; he had fire and that anger made him seem more human.

To be honest, I don't think any of the characters are particularly likeable.

I thought the mother was nice, but how could you do that to your daughter? And for Adrian to do that to first his friend, then his's all quite hedonistic of him...

Maybe I'll get to like Veronica, but her manipulation puts me off. Of course, it's interesting that we're reading this from the view of hard done by Tony, so of course everyone else is going to seem like the bad guys.

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Kirsty (kirkel) | 1160 comments Mod
He didn't handle memory, and it's distortion, to the extent that I had thought he would. I am disappointed in that. He did however touch on many other issues.

The central character's impetuous petulant actions affected others in immeasurable ways and just when he is nearing his comfortable golden years, that are the result of a safe unremarkable life, he has been confronted by a truth that has unsettled him. A truth that cannot be rectified. He will suffer remorse for the rest of his days as the result of words forgotten to him for the majority of his life. He has put his whole life into question. He wanted to feel emotions to the extreme like protagonists in novels often do and he has proof that he did and does again.

Sam (VanillaFountain) | 577 comments Mod
It's not Karma it's life, so often it's more the innocent that are affected by the crimes of the guilty. Karma is something good people believe in or people who perceive themselves as good.

I enjoyed it and also found I didn't like any of the characters in the end except for Adrian JR of course. I don't think we were supposed to like them though, it was one man's version of a story so if he didn't like them we wouldn't either. The writing was excellent though I thought, I got very wrapped up in it and it was so easy to pick back up when I had 5 minutes, and left me thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. Although I did feel very sorry for Veronica it must have been hard for her, no wonder she burnt the diary.

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