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[Contains Spoiler] Question about Julia

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Sharon Did anyone understand why the art currator had the box with letters for Julia from Martha? Why didn't Pete give it to her and if he didn't then how did it wind up with Lynnie and Homan. Did I miss something in that part?

Cjpeffer I took it as one of those moments in a story that moves the flow along to the end the author wants but not in a very clever or clear way. You are left to speculate. Maybe in Julia's rebellious phase she spurned the letters and he passed them on to someone who might be interested in them some day. I thought that maybe Pete passed on the letters to the shopkeeper family that helped Martha in the beginning, just in case Lynnie found them. Which maybe she did?! This doesn't make too much sense since Pete continued to raise Julia after Martha's death. Who knows? This added an unrealistic feel for me but I still really enjoyed many elements of the story. Just my opinion.

Sharon Got the answer. Pete at some point before he died sent the box to Eva who gave the box to Kate and Lynnie when Kate went to visit Lynnie the first time in the group home. Lynnie kept the box for a long time, we know that she put the feather necklace in the box and then took it out. Then she must have included it with the art work because she felt it would be better together. If you reread the end parts of the book you'll see this sequence add up though it's definitely subtle.

Personally I'm not a fan of this part of the story because I really felt that the box belonged to Julia and by Pete sending the box to Eva it's kind of like he decided that Julia could never know the truth which doesn’t fit with his character. Anyway, I think it's just artistic latitude the author took in order to allow Lynnie and Homan some years to themselves before Julia found them. Still not a fan of the box ending but I can understand the motivation.

Cjpeffer Hmm! Well, it was still a fun story to read!

Christina Mitchell Sharon, you are correct. However, I thought that the letters in general were written to Lynnie. Martha wanted Lynnie to know about Julia and not miss how she grew up. In this light, Pete knew the box belonged to Lynnie.

Now, how Julia recognized the box in the gallery is perplexing. If she knew the box existed why did she never open it and explore...especially her difficulties at age 14 and questioning her origins.

LeeAnn I could not have predicted that Julia would have learned about her parents the way she did either! Luckily for me, it didn't make to much of an impression on me and I was able to continue on. I am happy the author allowed us to part ways knowing that Julia does in fact meet her parents.

Good point bringing that to light though everyone!

Olivia Jones I thought Pete kept the letters from Julia because she just wasn't ready to hear the truth. I thought it was appropriate time for Julia to find out who her parents were. Also, I enjoyed the way author allowed Homan and Lynnie to reunite.

Marisa this is addressed in the coversation with the author in the books that have a book club guide. Pete gave the box to Eva after Martha died...Eva gave the box to Lynnie...we see the box when she goes to the closet to put the feather in -

Elizabeth I felt it was just a way for the author to tie up the story with a neat little bow. It made little sense for the curator to have the box rather than Julia. The letters Martha wrote were to her, after all.

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