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I need some help. Please check this out!

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Hey, This is a topic concerning my ever popular goodgirls. It's been running almost 2 years and It needs more people (Girls, obviously.) Goodgirls is a support group for girls (The first of it's kind on GR!) but don't expect it to be all depressed. We're girls, and we wanna have fun! Besides Support, we also give advice, have games, and even proudly host our own website! This may seem desperate but I really don't want this amazing place to die. Please join and invite others to join!

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Alyson Leigh (alyleigh123) | 268 comments im being helpful ^.^ heres a link http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/4...

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Yay! Thanks again! ( I thanked you on the other group too )

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Alyson Leigh (alyleigh123) | 268 comments LOL! (i saw ^.^)

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